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This is a list of the default classes available in Strife. For classes from other games, see the main article.


The Order

Acolyte		// Standard trooper enemy
AcolyteTan	// Standard trooper enemy
AcolyteRed	// Low-rank officer enemy in red uniform
AcolyteRust	// Guard enemy in brown uniform
AcolyteGray	// Low-rank officer enemy in dark grey uniform
AcolyteDGreen	// Sewer guard enemy in dark green uniform that drops the guard uniform item
AcolyteGold	// Elite guard enemy in gold uniform
AcolyteLGreen	// Overseer enemy in bright green uniform
AcolyteBlue	// Scanner trooper enemy in teal uniform
AcolyteShadow	// Standard trooper enemy with a cloaking device
AcolyteToBe	// An incomplete acolyte that does nothing when attacked, gibs when killed, talks like a peasant

The Resistance

Macil1		// The leader of the Front, Macil, found in Map03, invulnerable
Macil2		// The leader of the Front, Macil, acts like a spectre but requires Sigil2 or stronger to take damage
Rebel		// Standard Front soldier (Can not be talked to, Summoned by beacon)
Rebel1		// Standard Front soldier
Rebel2		// Standard Front soldier that Guards Irale's Shop
Rebel3		// Standard Front soldier
Rebel4		// Standard Front soldier
Rebel5		// Standard Front soldier
Rebel6		// Standard Front soldier
RatBuddy	// A rat that is invulnerable, not a monster

The Oppressed

Beggar		// Beggar that can not be talked to
Beggar1		// MacGuffin
Beggar2		// Underground beggar
Beggar3		// Underground beggar
Beggar4		// Underground beggar
Beggar5		// Underground beggar
Merchant	// Weapons merchant that can not be talked to
WeaponSmith	// Weapons merchant from Map 02
BarKeep		// The tavern bartender from Map 02
Armorer		// Armor merchant from Map 02
Medic		// Hospital medic from Map 02
Peasant		// Beige peasant that can not be talked to
Peasant1	// Tan-colored peasant
Peasant2	// Arion, the Governor's secretary
Peasant3	// Ulaine, the info guy
Peasant4	// Harris (Map 2 & 23), Tevick (Map 23)
Peasant5	// Derwin (Map 4), Harris (Map 33)
Peasant6	// Worner (Map 4)
Peasant7	// Ketrick (Map 4), Warden (Map 5), Medic (Map 17)
Peasant8	// Sammis (Map 4), Judge (map 5)
Peasant9	// Beldin (Map 1)
Peasant10	// Rowan (Map 2)
Peasant11	// Geoff (Map 2)
Peasant12	// Technician (Map 4)
Peasant13	// Irale (Map 2), Richter (Map 23)
Peasant14	// Weran, the Rat King (Map 6)
Peasant15	// Computer Technician (Map 4)
Peasant16	// Sewer Overflow Gate guard (Map 1), false Programmer (Map 7)
Peasant17	// Light Green peasant
Peasant18	// Light Green peasant
Peasant19	// Key Master (Map 11), false Programmer (Map 31)
Peasant20	// Gold peasant
Peasant21	// Gold peasant
Peasant22	// Governor Mourel (Map 2 & 33), false Programmer (Map 8)

The Antagonists

AlienSpectre1		// Translucent, floating blob that can only be killed with the Sigil, fires Sigil1 blasts
AlienSpectre2		// fires Sigil2 blasts
AlienSpectre3		// fires Sigil3 blasts
AlienSpectre4		// fires Sigil4 blasts
AlienSpectre5		// fires Sigil5 blasts
AlienChunkSmall		// Spectre Gibs
AlienChunkLarge		// More spectre gibs
EntityBoss		// Super spectre, uses all 5 sigils and breaks into:
EntitySecond		// on death. When all these are gone, level ends.
EntityNest		// Entity Nest decoration
EntityPod		// Spawns Super Spectre
Loremaster		// Flies around, uses grappler
Oracle			// Some sort of puppet that talks
Programmer		// Uses an anti grav platform, rains Sigil 1 lightning
ProgrammerBase		// Gibs from the above
ProgLevelEnder		// Fades to black smoothly and ends the level
StrifeBishop		// Tall, cybernetic boss with a rocket launcher that has a homing ability
KneelingGuy		// Holographic projection of a minion, device is tall enough to block movement but short enough to jump over

The Machines

Sentinel		// Small floating Robot, fires lasers
Crusader		// Large, lumbering assault robot. Resembles Ed 209
Inquisitor		// Towering mech, flies, throws nasty grenades
InquisitorArm		// Junk from the above when it explodes
Stalker			// Small, spider like robot, crawls along the ceiling and drops on your head
CeilingTurret		// Defensive turret, minor threat
Templar			// A human supported by a mechanical bio-suit. Fires mauler.
Reaver			// Nasty, quick robot that uses a shotgun and rips you up in melee


FastFlameMissile		// Flamethrower effect used by Crusader and Flamethrower weapon
CrusaderMissile			// Missile effect used by Crusader, this is a tri-missile pyramid attack
InquisitorShot			// Explosive grenade attack from Inquisitor
LoreShot			// A grappling hook. Thrusts target in the opposite direction that it moves
LoreShot2 			// Grappling hook chain link
SentinelFX1			// Sentinel firing animation - does no damage
SentinelFX2			// Sentinel firing animation and sound FX, does damage/disintegration
SpectralLightningBase		//
SpectralLightningDeath1		//
SpectralLightningDeath2		//
SpectralLightningDeathShort	//
SpectralLightningBall1		// Sigil3 firing animation
SpectralLightningBall2		// Sigil3 firing animation
SpectralLightningH1		// Sigil2 firing animation
SpectralLightningH2		// Sigil2 firing animation
SpectralLightningH3		// Sigil2 firing animation
SpectralLightningHTail		// Sigil2 tail animation, does no damage
SpectralLightningBigBall1	// Sigil5 firing animation
SpectralLightningBigBall2	// Sigil5 firing animation
SpectralLightningV1		// Sigil4 firing animation
SpectralLightningV2		// Sigil4 firing animation
SpectralLightningSpot		// Sigil1 firing animation
SpectralLightningBigV1		// Sigil4 firing animation, used by AlienSpectre4
SpectralLightningBigV2		// Sigil4 firing animation, used by AlienSpectre4
BishopMissile			// Bishop Missile firing animation, has homing ability
StrifeZap1			// Effect of electric bolt when it hits an object
ElectricBolt			// Fires an Electric Bolt that does extra damage to mechanical enemies
PoisonBolt			// Fires a poison bolt that instantly kills human targets, ineffective against everything else
RocketTrail			// Rocket trail animation for the mini missile
MiniMissilePuff			// Smoke puff animation for the mini missile
MiniMissile			// Fires a missile
FlameMissile			// Fires a flamethrower projectile
MaulerPuff			// Animation of Mauler primary mode fire
MaulerTorpedo			// Animation of Mauler alternate mode fire
MaulerTorpedoWave		// Animation of Mauler alternate mode fire after hitting its initial target
HEGrenade			// Fires a HE Grenade
PhosphorousGrenade		// Fires a Phosphorous Grenade
PhosphorousFire			// Summons the fire that is produced by the Phosphorous Grenade
StrifePuff			// Smoke puff animation of a barrel when hit
StrifeSpark			// Spark animation of a barrel when hit



PunchDagger		// Melee weapon, silent killer, damage affected by UpgradeStamina
StrifeCrossbow		// Fires electric bolts that are effective vs machines
StrifeCrossbow2		// Fires poison bolts - instant kill, and silent.
AssaultGun		// Rapid fire hitscan weapon, fairly inaccurate(until powered up with UpgradeAccuracy), 
// fires 3 bullets at a time AssaultGunStanding // Alternate pickup graphic of the above. MiniMissileLauncher // Fires small, explosive missiles rapidly. FlameThrower // Short range flame, lots of kickback, human targets burn on death Mauler // Equivalent to the super shotgun, disintegrates human targets Mauler2 // Fires a torpedo, initial target takes massive damage including splash, explodes into smaller projectiles
// doing smaller damage, disintegrates human targets. Firing it damages player by 20 health affected by armor. StrifeGrenadeLauncher // Double barreled grenade launcher. Massive damage StrifeGrenadeLauncher2 // Even more damaging, grenades explode into flames that burn for quite a while. Sigil // The Sigil. Gives you Sigil1. Sigil1 // Creates an area affect of lightning rain that wanders around Sigil2 // Fires a small bolt straight ahead which creates a trail of lightning, has splash damage Sigil3 // Fires a 180 arc of lightning blobs, has splash damage Sigil4 // Fires a single vertical lightning column, that homes in on targeted actor,
// works like Revenants's homing missile Sigil5 // Fires a lightning blob which in turn continuously fires lightning bolts
// ahead and to either side of it.


HEGrenadeRounds 	// HE Grenade Ammo, gives 6
PhosphorusGrenadeRounds	// Phosphorus Grenade Ammo, gives 4
ClipOfBullets		// Bullet ammo, gives 10
BoxOfBullets		// More bullet ammo, gives 50
MiniMissiles		// Mini Missile ammo, gives 4
CrateOfMissiles		// More missile ammo, gives 20
EnergyPod		// Cell ammo, gives 20
EnergyPack		// More cell ammo, gives 100
PoisonBolts		// Poison bolts, gives 10
ElectricBolts		// Eletric bolts, gives 20
AmmoSatchel		// Strife Backpack equivalent, gives 2 electric bolts, 4 poison bolts,
// 6 HE grenades, 4 Phosphorus grenades, 10 bullets, 20 cells


Coin			// 1 Gold coin
Gold10			// 10 Gold coins
Gold25			// 25 Gold coins
Gold50			// 50 Gold coins
Gold300			// 300 Gold coins, used in conjunction with completing quest
MetalArmor		// Metal Armor, 200 armor
LeatherArmor		// Leather Armor, 100 armor
TeleporterBeacon	// Telporter Beacon, summons 6 rebel soldiers, can be picked up again if no rebel soldier spawned
MedPatch		// Med Patch, +10 health
MedicalKit		// Medical Kit, +25 health
SurgeryKit		// Surgery Kit, full health, as high as base health (100) + current Stamina rating
StrifeMap		// Strife automap
ShadowArmor		// Shadow armor, Strife equivalent of partial invisibility
EnvironmentalSuit	// Environmental suit, protection against poison, immunity to flamethrower
Targeter		// Targeter, accuracy meter
Scanner			// Scanner, works like Doom iddt code (automap+object locations)
AmmoFillup		// Gives up to 50 bullets, works in conjunction with Feris
HealthFillup		// Gives up to predefined life based on difficulty, works in conjunction with Gerard
UpgradeStamina		// Gives player 10 extra recoverable health units (up to 200), heal like SurgeryKit, increases damage
UpgradeAccuracy		// Improves the player's accuracy by 10 accuracy units when firing Strife weapons
// except for Sigil (all versions)


Communicator		// Communicator, allows Blackbird to talk to you throughout the game.
FlameThrowerParts	// An item dropped by a crusader that allows the building of a flamethrower in the weapon shop.
QuestItem		// Base class for quest items used to implement DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngStrife quest flags.
QuestItem1		// Given with Beldin's ring
QuestItem2		// Given with the chalice
QuestItem3		// Given by Macil1 during his first conversation
QuestItem4		// Given when taking Mourel's "messy" job
QuestItem5		// Given when taking Mourel's "bloody" job
QuestItem6		// Given when destroying the power coupling
QuestItem7		// Given when the last of the blue acolytes in a map die
QuestItem8		// Given with the broken power coupling
QuestItem9		// Given with Derwin's ear
QuestItem10		// Given with Mourel's prison pass
QuestItem11		// Given with Montag's prison key
QuestItem12		// Given with Wolenick's severed hand
QuestItem13		// Given when freeing the prisoners
QuestItem14		// You blew up the crystal
QuestItem15		// Given with guard uniform
QuestItem16		// You blew up the gates
QuestItem17		// Given when listening to Macil's story about the Sigil
QuestItem18		// Talked to the Oracle, corresponds with getting the Oracle Pass
QuestItem19		//
QuestItem20		//
QuestItem21		// You killed the Bishop!
QuestItem22		// You killed the Oracle after the Bishop
QuestItem23		// You killed the Oracle!
QuestItem24		// You killed Macil!
QuestItem25		// Given when destroying the converter, results in good ending
QuestItem26		// You killed the Loremaster!
QuestItem27		// You blew up the computer
QuestItem28		// Given with the Catacomb Key
QuestItem29		// Given when destroying the transmitter
QuestItem30		//
QuestItem31		//
DegninOre		// An explosive item that can be picked up and placed elsewhere
BeldinsRing		// Ring from Beldin, the captured Front "traitor"
OfferingChalice		// A rather useless item Harris asks you to get for him
Ear			// Ear torn from Derwin when accepting Governor Mourel's "bloody" job
BrokenPowerCoupling	// An already broken power coupling that is given to the governor.
InterrogatorReport	//
GunTraining		//
HealthTraining		//
GuardUniform		// The green uniform dropped by the sewer guard, and is given to the rat king for help.
OfficersUniform		//
Info			//


StrifeKey		// Strife key template
BaseKey			// Key to access Order base, given by Rowan
GovsKey			// Key to access Governor mansion, given by Macil
Passcard		// Key to access Power Station, given by Macil or Governor
IDBadge			// Key to open a door in Prison, dropped by security guard
PrisonKey		// Key to Prison locks, dropped by Warden Montag
SeveredHand		// Key to opening hand scanner doors, dropped by Judge Wolenick
Power1Key		// Key to opening doors in Power Station, given/dropped by Worner
Power2Key		// Key to opening doors in Power Station, given/dropped by technician
Power3Key		// Key to operating lift in Power Station, given/dropped by Sammis
GoldKey			// Key to opening door in Power Station, dropped by storage worker
IDCard			// Open armory door in Sewers, dropped by certain sewer guards
SilverKey		// Key to opening doors in Castle, dropped by fake programmer in Audience Chamber
OracleKey		// Key to opening door to Oracle, dropped by door guards
MilitaryID		// Key to opening door into mini base in Borderlands, Oracle pass traded for key
OrderKey		// Key to opening storage room in mini base in Borderlands
WarehouseKey		// Unused, dev error? Supposed to be given by Quincy(?) to get into Warehouse level in the Bailey
BrassKey		// Key to opening door into Order Commons, given by Macil
RedCrystalKey		// Key to activate switch in Conversion Chapel, found in same location
BlueCrystalKey		// Key to activate switch in Conversion Chapel, found in same location
ChapelKey		// Key to activate door in Conversion Chapel, found is same location
CatacombKey		// Key used for door trigger(?), given by Richter
SecurityKey		// Unused, dev error? Supposed to be given by Quincy to get into the Security Complex level in the Bailey
CoreKey			// Key used to activate doors in Security Complex level, found in same location
MaulerKey		// Key used to activate doors in Warehouse, dropped by guard
FactoryKey		// Key used to access Factory (?), found in Ruined Temple
MineKey			// Key used to access Mines level, found in Ruined Temple
NewKey5			// Strife development key
PrisonPass		// Not supposed to be a key, it's an item used for trade for further entry into Prison
OraclePass		// Not supposed to be a key, but has been used as a key, item traded for a key


TargetPractice		// Shootable, spins when shot


CloseDoor222		// Closes door with tag 222 when given or picked up
Computer		// Computer, shows "You blew up the computer" and gives QuestItem 27 when killed
Meat			// Turns into a random gib when spawned
ForceFieldGuard		// A dummy item that can only be killed by a Degnin Ore Explosion
Junk			// Turns into random junk when spawned
KlaxonWarningLight	// Klaxon alarm, no special action except it goes to sleep after a short period
OpenDoor222		// Opens door with tag 222 when given or picked up
OpenDoor224		// Opens door with tag 224 when given or picked up
Piston			// Gates, prints "You've blown up the gates!" and gives QuestItem 16 to all players in the game when killed.
PowerCrystal		// Power Crystal, Kills everything less than 512 units away from it, prints "You blew up the Power Crystal!",
// and gives QuestItem 14 when destroyed. Lowers the sector it's in and changes its light to 0. RaiseAlarm // Emits an imaginary sound when given or picked up, alerting nearby monsters TeleportSwirl // Hovers over teleporters and looks tacky Zombie // Looks like a peasant. Stands there, Gibs when killed ZombieSpawner // Spawns a Zombie every certain amount of time


DummyStrifeItem		// Strife item template
SlideshowStarter	// Strife slideshow template
StrifePlayer		// Strife player
FireDroplet		// This is spawned by human targets when killed by fire
StrifeHumanoid		// Strife base class for Strife human actors
StrifeWeapon		// Strife base class for Strife weapons
Bang4Cloud		// Grenade explosion, rises when spawned