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Ceiling turret
Actor type Monster Game MiniStrifeLogoIcon.png (Strife)
DoomEd Number 27 Class Name CeilingTurret
Conversation ID 122 Puzzle Item ID N/A

Classes: CeilingTurret
A turret... on the ceiling. Can be tricky to fight early on in the game due to its respectable amount of health and being relatively tricky to aim at, but they'll only bother you if the alarm has been sounded. They can't hit you if you are directly under them, and it is possible to take them out with the punch dagger in many cases without taking a hit.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR CeilingTurret
  Health 125
  Speed 0
  PainChance 0
  Mass 10000000
  MinMissileChance 150
  DeathSound "turret/death"
    TURT A 5 A_TurretLook
    TURT A 2 A_Chase
    TURT B 4 Slow A_ShootGun
    TURT D 3 Slow A_SentinelRefire
    TURT A 4 A_SentinelRefire
    BALL A 6 Bright A_Scream
    BALL BCDE 6 Bright
    TURT C -1