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The Oracle
Actor type Monster Game MiniStrifeLogoIcon.png (Strife)
DoomEd Number 199 Class Name Oracle
Conversation ID 65, 62, 63 Puzzle Item ID N/A

Classes: Oracle
The Oracle is a character from Strife. He doesn't attack or move and has minimal health. He plays an important role in the game nonetheless. You can either trust him over Macil or do the opposite; the first option showing you the not-so-good ending when you complete the game, the latter showing the best ending. After the Oracle is killed, his Spectre (which has been floating in the ceiling) will awake and teleport to fight you.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR Oracle
  Health 1
  Radius 15
  Height 56
  DamageFactor "Fire", 0.5
  DamageFactor "SpectralLow", 0
  MaxDropoffHeight 32
  Tag "$TAG_ORACLE" // "Oracle"
  DropItem "Meat"

  action native A_WakeOracleSpectre();

    ORCL A -1
    ORCL L 5 A_NoBlocking
    ORCL M 5
    ORCL N 5 A_WakeOracleSpectre
    ORCL OP 5
    ORCL Q -1