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This is a list of the default classes available in Hexen and its expansion. For classes from other games, see the main article.



Bishop                      // Dark bishop
BishopBlur                  // Bishop strafing blur
BishopPainBlur              // Bishop pain blur
BishopPuff                  // Bishop smoke (released when a bishop is killed)
Centaur                     // Centaur
CentaurLeader               // Slaughtaur
CentaurMash                 // Phantasmal centaur (usually spawned by Korax)

CentaurFX                   // Projectile fired from the slaughtaurs' shields.

CentaurShield               // Centaur shield
CentaurSword                // Centaur sword
Demon1                      // Green chaos serpent, spits red fire balls
Demon1Mash                  // Phantasmal green chaos serpent (usually spawned by Korax)
Demon2                      // Brown chaos serpent, spits green fire balls
Demon2Mash                  // Phantasmal brown chaos serpent (usually spawned by Korax)

Demon1FX1                   // Green chaos serpent fireball
Demon2FX1                   // Brown chaos serpent fireball

DemonChunk                  // Base class for chaos serpent meat chunks
Demon1Chunk1                // Green chaos serpent right arm
Demon1Chunk2                // Green chaos serpent left arm
Demon1Chunk3                // Green chaos serpent small meat chunk
Demon1Chunk4                // Green chaos serpent big meat chunk
Demon1Chunk5                // Green chaos serpent bloody meat chunk
Demon2Chunk1                // Brown chaos serpent right arm
Demon2Chunk2                // Brown chaos serpent left arm
Demon2Chunk3                // Brown chaos serpent small meat chunk
Demon2Chunk4                // Brown chaos serpent big meat chunk
Demon2Chunk5                // Brown chaos serpent bloody meat chunk
Ettin                       // Ettin
EttinMash                   // Phantasmal ettin (usually spawned by Korax)

EttinMace                   // Ettin mace
FireDemon                   // Afrit
FireDemonMissile            // Afrit shot
FireDemonRock1              // Afrit ball piece 1
FireDemonRock2              // Afrit ball piece 2
FireDemonRock3              // Afrit ball piece 3
FireDemonRock4              // Afrit ball piece 4
FireDemonRock5              // Afrit ball piece 5
FireDemonSplotch1           // Afrit corpse piece 1
FireDemonSplotch2           // Afrit corpse piece 2
IceGuy                      // Wendigo
IceGuyBit                   // Wendigo piece
IceGuyWisp1                 // Medium wendigo wisp
IceGuyWisp2                 // Small wendigo wisp
Serpent                     // Stalker (waterlurker)
SerpentGib1                 // Stalker gib 1
SerpentGib2                 // Stalker gib 2
SerpentGib3                 // Stalker gib 3
SerpentHead                 // Stalker's head (when gibbed)
SerpentLeader               // Slime firing stalker
Wraith                      // Reiver (Wraith)
WraithBuried                // Buried reaver
WraithFX3                   // Reaver melee attack effect
WraithFX4                   // Dripping effect for reiver
WraithFX5                   // Dripping effect for reiver


Dragon                      // Death wyvern
ClericBoss                  // Traductus (cleric boss)
FighterBoss                 // Zedek (fighter boss)
MageBoss                    // Menelkir (mage boss
Heresiarch                  // Heresiarch
SorcBall                    // Base class for Heresiarch floating cubes
SorcBall1                   // Purple Heresiarch floating cube
SorcBall2                   // Blue Heresiarch floating cube
SorcBall3                   // Green Heresiarch floating cube
SorcFX1                     // Heresiarch Bouncing flaming head
SorcFX2                     // Heresiarch invulnerability effect
SorcFX2T1                   // Heresiarch invulnerability effect (translucent)
SorcFX3                     // Heresiarch bishop spawner
SorcFX3Explosion            // Heresiarch bishop spawner explosion
SorcFX4                     // Heresiarch exploding ball
SorcSpark1                  // Heresiarch spellcasting spark
Korax                       // Korax
KoraxBolt                   // Korax command bolt (rises to ceiling)
KoraxSpirit                 // Korax spirit (spawned when Korax is killed)


BatSpawner                  // Bat spawner (spawns bats when activated)
Bat                         // Bat
MinotaurFriend              // Dark servant
MinotaurSmoke               // Smoke for summoning the dark servant
MinotaurSmokeExit           // Dark servant exit smoke
Pig                         // Pig


Arrow                       // Arrow projectile (ACS)
AxePuff                     // Axe puff
AxePuffGlow                 // Charged axe puff (Electric)
BishopFX                    // Homing bishop shot
BlastEffect                 // Disc of repulsion effect
CentaurFX                   // Slaughtaur shot
CircleFlame                 // Firestorm circle flame
CFlameFloor                 // Firestorm trail
CFlameMissile               // Firestorm shot
CStaffMissile               // Serpent staff shot
CStaffPuff                  // Serpent staff melee puff
Dart                        // Dart projectile (ACS)
Demon1FX1                   // Green chaos serpent fireball
Demon2FX1                   // Brown chaos serpent fireball
DragonExplosion             // Death wyvern fireball explosion
DragonFireball              // Death wyvern fireball
FireBall                    // Fireball projectile (for use by ACS)
FireBomb                    // Flechette (hangs in air, explodes)
FlamePuff                   // Firestorm flame
FlamePuff2                  // Firestorm flame (lasts longer)
FrostMissile                // Frost shard
FSwordFlame                 // Quietus flame
FSwordMissile               // Quietus shot (spawns FSwordFlame on impact)
HammerMissile               // Hammer shot
HammerPuff                  // Hammer puff
HolyMissile                 // Wraithverge shot (spawns 4 HolySpirit actors after traveling a short distance)
HolyMissilePuff             // Wraithverge trail
HolyPuff                    // Spirit damage puff (spawned when spirit damages actor)
HolySpirit                  // Spirit
HolyTail                    // Spirit tail
HolyTailTrail               // Spirit tail trail
IceFXPuff                   // Wendigo shot trail
IceGuyFX                    // Wendigo shot (spawns IceGuyFX2 on impact)
IceGuyFX2                   // Wendigo shot shard
IceShard                    // Ice Shard
LightningCeiling            // Arc Of death shot (ceiling)
LightningFloor              // Arc Of death shot (floor)
LightningZap                // Arc Of death shot (center)
MageStaffFX2                // Bloodscourge shot
MageWandMissile             // Sapphire wand shot
MageWandSmoke               // Sapphire wand trail
PoisonBag                   // Flechette (bursts into PoisonCloud)
PoisonCloud                 // Poison cloud (spawned by poison mushrooms or cleric fléchette)
PoisonDart                  // Poison dart projectile (ACS)
PorkFX                      // Porkulator Shot
ProjectileBlade             // Blade projectile (ACS)
PunchPuff                   // Fighter's fist puff
RipperBall                  // Ripper projectile (ACS)
SerpentFX                   // Stalker's slime projectile
TelOtherFX1                 // Banishment device effect
TelOtherFX2                 // Banishment device effect
TelOtherFX3                 // Banishment device effect
TelOtherFX4                 // Banishment device effect
TelOtherFX5                 // Banishment device effect
ThrowingBomb                // Flechette (bounces around and explodes)
WraithFX1                   // Reiver's projectile
WraithFX2                   // Sizzle for Reiver's projectile



BloodscourgeDrop            // Dropped bloodscourge pieces
QuietusDrop                 // Dropped quietus pieces
WraithvergeDrop             // Dropped wraithverge pieces (Spawned by dying player)
CWeapFlame                  // Firestorm
CWeapMace                   // Mace (cannot be spawned)
CWeapStaff                  // Serpent staff
CWeapWraithverge            // Wraithverge (cannot be spawned)
CWeaponPiece1               // Wraithverge piece (top)
CWeaponPiece2               // Wraithverge piece (center)
CWeaponPiece3               // Wraithverge piece (bottom)
FWeapAxe                    // Timon's axe
FWeapFist                   // Fighter's fists (cannot be spawned)
FWeapHammer                 // Hammer of retribution
FWeapQuietus                // Quietus (cannot be spawned)
FWeaponPiece1               // Quietus piece (top)
FWeaponPiece2               // Quietus piece (center)
FWeaponPiece3               // Quietus piece (bottom)
MWeapBloodscourge           // Bloodscourge (cannot be spawned)
MWeapFrost                  // Frost shards (weapon)
MWeapLightning              // Arc of death
MWeapWand                   // Sapphire wand (cannot be spawned)
MWeaponPiece1               // Bloodscourge piece (top)
MWeaponPiece2               // Bloodscourge piece (center)
MWeaponPiece3               // Bloodscourge piece (bottom)
Mana1                       // Blue mana
Mana2                       // Green mana
Mana3                       // Combined mana

Health & Armor

CrystalVial                 // Crystal vial (heals up to 10 hp)
AmuletOfWarding             // Amulet of warding
FalconShield                // Falcon shield
MeshArmor                   // Mesh armor
PlatinumHelm                // Platinum helm


In Hexen, a player can carry up to 25 samples of any given inventory item. If a player already has 25 items of a given type, more items of the same type cannot be picked up until some are used. Some items are lost when entering a new hub.

ArtiBlastRadius             // Disc of repulsion
ArtiBoostArmor              // Dragonskin bracers (+4 AC Hexen, +50 Armor any other game)
ArtiBoostMana               // Krater of might
ArtiDarkServant             // Dark servant artifact
ArtiFly                     // Wings of wrath (unlimited flight in the current hub)
ArtiHealingRadius           // Mystic ambit incant (heals friends)
ArtiHealth                  // Quartz flask (heals up to 25 hp)
ArtiInvulnerability2        // Icon of the defender (invulnerability item)
ArtiTorch                   // Torch (maximum brightness in all sectors, like Doom's infrared goggles)
ArtiPoisonBag               // Fléchette pickup, gives variant 1, 2 or 3 depending on class
ArtiPoisonBag1              // Poison gas fléchette, used by clerics.
ArtiPoisonBag2              // Time bomb fléchette, used by mages.
ArtiPoisonBag3              // Bouncing grenade fléchette, used by fighters.
ArtiPork                    // Porkalator
ArtiSpeedBoots              // Boots of speed artifact
ArtiSuperHealth             // Mystic urn (heals up to 99 hp)
ArtiTeleport                // Chaos device (teleports back to level start)
ArtiTeleportOther           // Banishment device artifact

SummoningDoll               // Summoning projectile for Dark Servant
Snout                       // Pig snout
SnoutPuff                   // Pig snout puff
PorkFX                      // Projectile that porcinizes people and monsters alike


PuzzBook1                   // Daemon Codex (book)
PuzzBook2                   // Liber Oscura (book 2)
PuzzCWeapon                 // Holy Relic
PuzzFWeapon                 // Glaive Seal
PuzzFlameMask               // Flame mask
PuzzGear1                   // Clock gear 1
PuzzGear2                   // Clock gear 2
PuzzGear3                   // Clock gear 3
PuzzGear4                   // Clock Gear 4
PuzzGemBig                  // Heart of D'Sparil
PuzzGemBlue1                // Sapphire planet
PuzzGemBlue2                // Sapphire planet 2
PuzzGemGreen1               // Emerald planet
PuzzGemGreen2               // Emerald planet 2
PuzzGemRed                  // Ruby planet
PuzzMWeapon                 // Sigil of the Magus
PuzzSkull                   // Yorick's skull


KeyAxe                      // Axe key
KeyCastle                   // Castle key
KeyCave                     // Cave key
KeyDungeon                  // Dungeon key
KeyEmerald                  // Emerald key
KeyFire                     // Fire key
KeyHorn                     // Horn key
KeyRusted                   // Rusted key
KeySilver                   // Silver key
KeySteel                    // Steel key
KeySwamp                    // Swamp key



FlameLarge                  // Large flame
FlameLargeTemp              // Large flame (disappears)
FlameSmall                  // Small flame
FlameSmallTemp              // Small flame (disappears)
DirtClump                   // Dirt clump (used by the thrust spike)
ThrustFloorDown             // Thrust spike (starting state: down)
ThrustFloorUp               // Thrust spike (starting state: up)
FogPatchLarge               // Large fog Cloud
FogPatchMedium              // Medium fog Cloud
FogPatchSmall               // Small fog Cloud
FogSpawner                  // Fog spawner (spawns fog clouds when activated)
HWaterDrip                  // Water drip
Leaf1                       // Leaf
Leaf2                       // Leaf 2
LeafSpawner                 // Leaf spawner
Bat                         // Bat
BatSpawner                  // Bat spawner
LittleFly                   // Fly


TreeDestructible            // Gray tree
ZLog                        // Tree log
ZMossCeiling1               // Big moss
ZMossCeiling2               // Small moss
ZPoisonShroom               // Poison mushroom (releases poison cloud upon death)
ZRock1                      // Rock
ZRock2                      // Rock 2
ZRock3                      // Rock 3
ZRock4                      // Rock 4
ZRockBlack                  // Gray rock
ZRockBrown1                 // Large brown rock
ZRockBrown2                 // Medium brown rock
ZRubble1                    // Medium rubble
ZRubble2                    // Small rubble
ZRubble3                    // Small rubble 2
ZShroomLarge1               // Large mushroom 1
ZShroomLarge2               // Large mushroom 2
ZShroomLarge3               // Large mushroom 3
ZShroomSmall1               // Small mushroom 1
ZShroomSmall2               // Small mushroom 2
ZShroomSmall3               // Small mushroom 3
ZShroomSmall4               // Small mushroom 4
ZShroomSmall5               // Small mushroom 5
ZShrub1                     // Small shrub
ZShrub2                     // Large shrub
ZStalactiteIceLarge         // Large ceiling icicle
ZStalactiteIceMedium        // Medium ceiling icicle
ZStalactiteIceSmall         // Small ceiling icicle
ZStalactiteIceTiny          // Tiny ceiling icicle
ZStalactiteLarge            // Large stalactite (ceiling)
ZStalactiteMedium           // Medium stalactite (ceiling)
ZStalactiteSmall            // Small stalactite (ceiling)
ZStalagmiteIceLarge         // Large ground icicle
ZStalagmiteIceMedium        // Medium ground icicle
ZStalagmiteIceSmall         // Small ground icicle
ZStalagmiteIceTiny          // Tiny ground icicle
ZStalagmiteLarge            // Large stalagmite (ground)
ZStalagmiteMedium           // Medium stalagmite (ground)
ZStalagmitePillar           // Stalagmite/stalagtite column
ZStalagmiteSmall            // Small stalagmite (ground)
ZStumpBare                  // Broken tree stump
ZStumpBurned                // Burned tree stump
ZStumpSwamp1                // Shorter swamp tree stump
ZStumpSwamp2                // Short swamp tree stump
ZSwampVine                  // Swamp vine
ZTree                       // Tree
ZTreeDead                   // Dead tree (smaller bounding box)
ZTreeGnarled1               // Gnarled tree
ZTreeGnarled2               // Gnarled tree 2
ZTreeLarge1                 // Large tree
ZTreeLarge2                 // Large tree 2
ZTreeSwamp120               // Tall swamp tree
ZTreeSwamp150               // Taller swamp tree
ZXmasTree                   // Christmas tree


ZChainBit32                 // Short chain segment
ZChainBit64                 // Long chain segment
ZChainEndHeart              // Hook with Meat
ZChainEndHook1              // Large hook
ZChainEndHook2              // Small hook
ZChainEndSkull              // Hook with skull
ZChainEndSpike              // Spike ball
ZIronMaiden                 // Iron maiden


BrassTorch                  // Brass torch
ZArmorChunk                 // Armor piece
ZBannerTattered             // Tattered banner
ZBarrel                     // Wooden barrel
ZBell                       // Bell (shootable, rings when hit)
ZBlueCandle                 // Blue candle
ZBucket                     // Hanging bucket
ZCandle                     // Candles
ZChandelier                 // Chandelier
ZChandelierUnlit            // Chandelier (unlit)
ZFireBull                   // Fire bull
ZFireBullUnlit              // Fire bull (unlit)
ZGemPedestal                // Pedestal (uses heart of D'Sparil)
ZStatueGargoyleBlueShort    // Gargoyle statue (Short, Ice)
ZStatueGargoyleBlueTall     // Gargoyle statue (Tall, Ice)
ZStatueGargoyleDarkRedShort // Gargoyle statue (short, fire/stone)
ZStatueGargoyleDarkRedTall  // Gargoyle statue (tall, fire/stone)
ZStatueGargoyleGreenShort   // Gargoyle statue (short, stone)
ZStatueGargoyleGreenTall    // Gargoyle statue (tall, stone)
ZStatueGargoyleRedShort     // Gargoyle statue (short, fire)
ZStatueGargoyleRedTall      // Gargoyle statue (tall, fire)
ZStatueGargoyleRustShort    // Gargoyle statue (short, rusted metal)
ZStatueGargoyleRustTall     // Gargoyle statue (tall, rusted metal)
ZStatueGargoyleStripeTall   // Gargoyle statue (tall, wood/stone)
ZStatueGargoyleTanShort     // Gargoyle statue (short, wood)
ZStatueGargoyleTanTall      // Gargoyle statue (tall, wood)
ZSuitOfArmor                // Suit of armor (breakable, may contain items)
ZTwinedTorch                // Twined Torch
ZTwinedTorchUnlit           // Twined Torch (unlit)
ZVasePillar                 // Vase (on pedestal)
ZWallTorch                  // Wall torch
ZWallTorchUnlit             // Wall torch (unlit)
ZWingedStatue               // Winged statue
ZWingedStatueNoSkull        // Winged statue missing skull (uses Yorick's skull)


Pottery1                    // Tall pottery (breakable, may contain items)
Pottery2                    // Medium pottery (breakable, may contain items)
Pottery3                    // Short pottery (breakable, may contain items)
PotteryBit                  // Shattered pottery piece
TableShit1                  // Large mug
TableShit2                  // Medium mug
TableShit3                  // Tall unlit candle with webbing
TableShit4                  // Medium unlit candle
TableShit5                  // Tall unlit candle
TableShit6                  // Spilled goblet
TableShit7                  // Goblet
TableShit8                  // Short goblet
TableShit9                  // Short goblet with silver ends
TableShit10                 // Meat cleaver
ZCauldron                   // Cauldron
ZCauldronUnlit              // Cauldron (unlit)


BloodPool                   // Pool of blood
CorpseBit                   // Corpse piece
CorpseBloodDrip             // Blood drop
ZCorpseHanging              // Corpse (hanging from chain)
ZCorpseKabob                // Corpse (impaled)
ZCorpseLynched              // Corpse (hanging)
ZCorpseLynchedNoHeart       // Corpse (hanging, bleeding/missing heart)
ZCorpseSitting              // Corpse (sitting, breakable)
ZCorpseSleeping             // Corpse (sleeping)
ZTombstoneBigCross          // Tombstone (cross, blank, facing left)
ZTombstoneBrianP            // Tombstone (small cross, BRIAN P, facing right)
ZTombstoneBrianR            // Tombstone (cross+circle, BRIAN R, facing left)
ZTombstoneCrossCircle       // Tombstone (cross+circle, Blank, facing right)
ZTombstoneRIP               // Tombstone (cross, RIP, facing right)
ZTombstoneShane             // Tombstone (cross, SHANE, facing right)
ZTombstoneSmallCross        // Tombstone (small cross, blank, facing left)


AxeBlood                    // Axe blood splat
ClericPlayer                // Parias (cleric)
ClericWeapon                // Base class for Cleric weapons
ClericWeaponPiece           // Base class for Wraithverge pieces
FighterPlayer               // Baratus (fighter)
FighterWeapon               // Base class for Fighter weapons
FighterWeaponPiece          // Base class for Quietus pieces
MagePlayer                  // Daedolon (mage)
MageWeapon                  // Base class for Mage weapons
MageWeaponPiece             // Base class for Bloodscourge pieces
PigPlayer                   // Pig (player-controlled)
PuzzleItem                  // Base class for puzzle Items
FireThing                   // Fire skull thing
TeleSmoke                   // Teleporter smoke