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  2. In fact, it's not just useless, it will cause problems.
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Actor type Monster Game MiniHexenLogoIcon.png (Hexen)
DoomEd Number 10080 Class Name Heresiarch

Classes: Heresiarch
The Heresiarch is a powerful sorcerer with a wide range of attacks and defenses. It has four different attacks, which are seleted mostly at random when it casts a spell:

  • Two bouncing lava heads that follow the player like a seeker missile.
  • Total invulnerability and missile reflection, that lasts for a long time and makes the game irritating to play. This defense has a visual indicator, in the form of two orbs that encircle the Heresiarch and leave a trail behind him.
  • A summoning projectile, that spawns a dark bishop where it lands.
  • A wide cone of purple fireballs that spew out rapidly in a whiplash pattern.

It also has three different floating cubes over its head, which spin rapidly when it is charging a spell. These cubes break away when it is killed, bouncing around and eventually exploding violently.

Note that you cannot give a special to this monster: its native action functions make use of its args field, preventing a special from being called with reliable parameters. Instead, when the Heresiarch dies, it will run the script with a number equal to its special. For example, in DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngGibbet, the Heresiarch has for special 20. However, when it is killed, instead of calling Floor_LowerByValue, it executes this map's script 20 (which raises a ceiling).

DECORATE definition

ACTOR Heresiarch native
  Health 5000
  PainChance 10
  Speed 16
  Radius 40
  Height 110
  Mass 500
  Damage 9
  SeeSound "SorcererSight"
  PainSound "SorcererPain"
  DeathSound "SorcererDeathScream"
  ActiveSound "SorcererActive"
  Obituary "$OB_HERESIARCH" // "%o had %p bones rolled by the Heresiarch."

  action native A_SorcSpinBalls();
  action native A_SpeedBalls();
  action native A_SorcBossAttack();
  action native A_SpawnFizzle();

    SORC A 3
    SORC A 2 A_SorcSpinBalls
    SORC A 10 A_Look
    SORC ABCD 5 A_Chase
    SORC G 8
    SORC G 8 A_Pain
    Goto See
    SORC F 6 Bright A_FaceTarget
    SORC F 6 Bright A_SpeedBalls
    SORC F 6 Bright A_FaceTarget
    SORC E 6 Bright
    SORC E 6 Bright A_SpawnFizzle
    SORC E 5 Bright A_FaceTarget
    Goto Attack1+1
    SORC E 2 Bright
    SORC E 2 Bright A_SorcBossAttack
    Goto See
    SORC H 5 Bright
    SORC I 5 Bright A_FaceTarget
    SORC J 5 Bright A_Scream
    SORC U 5 Bright A_NoBlocking
    SORC VWXY 5 Bright
    SORC Z -1 Bright