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Poison mushroom
Actor type Hazard Game MiniHexenLogoIcon.png (Hexen)
DoomEd Number 8104 Class Name ZPoisonShroom

Classes: PoisonBagZPoisonShroom

A type of mushroom that is poisonous; when destroyed, it releases a green cloud the damages (or poisons, in player's case) any creature that is not immune to poison when it comes to contact with it. They often release small bursts of gas with a whistling noise; when several poison mushrooms are in an area the sound can become very noticeable.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR ZPoisonShroom : PoisonBag
  Radius 6
  Height 20
  PainChance 255
  Health 30
  Mass 0x7fffffff
  PainSound "PoisonShroomPain"
  DeathSound "PoisonShroomDeath"

  action native A_PoisonShroom();

    SHRM A 5 A_PoisonShroom
    Goto Pain+1
    SHRM A 6
    SHRM B 8 A_Pain
    Goto Spawn
    SHRM CD 5
    SHRM E 5 A_PoisonBagInit
    SHRM F -1