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Hammer of retribution
Actor type Weapon Game MiniHexenLogoIcon.png (Hexen)
DoomEd Number 123 Class Name FWeapHammer
Spawn ID 28 Identifier T_FIGHTERHAMMER

Classes: InventoryWeaponFighterWeaponFWeapHammer
The Fighter's third weapon, Hammer of retribution, is a powerful tool both for melee and long range. At long range, it launches flaming hammers with splash damage, using some green mana. At melee combat, it is stronger than Timon's Axe, although slower. Uses no mana in melee attacks.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR FWeapHammer : FighterWeapon
  Weapon.SelectionOrder 900
  Weapon.AmmoUse1 3
  Weapon.AmmoGive1 25
  Weapon.KickBack 150
  Weapon.YAdjust -10
  Weapon.AmmoType1 "Mana2"
  Inventory.PickupMessage "$TXT_WEAPON_F3"

  action native A_FHammerAttack();
  action native A_FHammerThrow();

    WFHM A -1
    FHMR A 1 A_Raise
    FHMR A 1 A_Lower
    FHMR A 1 A_WeaponReady
    FHMR B 6 Offset(5, 0)
    FHMR C 3 Offset(5, 0) A_FHammerAttack
    FHMR D 3 Offset(5, 0)
    FHMR E 2 Offset(5, 0)
    FHMR E 10 Offset(5, 150) A_FHammerThrow
    FHMR A 1 Offset(0, 60)
    FHMR A 1 Offset(0, 55)
    FHMR A 1 Offset(0, 50)
    FHMR A 1 Offset(0, 45)
    FHMR A 1 Offset(0, 40)
    FHMR A 1 Offset(0, 35)
    FHMR A 1
    Goto Ready