Doom: Evil Unleashed (hfc2x)

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Doom: Evil Unleashed
Author hfc2x
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoomLogoIcon.png
Status WIP
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Doom: Evil Unleashed title as shown during the opening sequence, featuring Doom's original catchphrase.

Doom: Evil Unleashed is a mod aiming to accurately recreate the original Doom design document, A.K.A. the DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngDoom Bible.


The mod aims to accurately recreate the Doom Bible. In the image, the final fight against the Bruiser Brothers of episode 1.

Evil Unleashed features a similar gameplay to traditional Doom, albeit different in some key aspects. Since the mod's goal is to accurately recreate the Doom Bible, the gameplay tends to be mostly oriented to the Survival-Horror genre rather than Fast Action, although some levels play very similar to The Ultimate Doom, packing heavy action against hordes of monsters while having plenty of weaponry available.

One of the key aspects of Doom: Evil Unleashed is that it allows the player to choose between four different player characters. All of the characters have different abilities, weaknesses and resistances, and some weapons work differently for them. Also, unlike traditional Doom, the levels are not arranged in a linear fashion, but the player is free to explore the maps by going and returning from another levels. There are intermission screens that show where the player is in the overworld.

This mod is being developed with multiplayer in mind, allowing for Cooperative and Deathmatch modes, meaning that up to 4 players can be connected at the same time. All weapons have been specially tested to be balanced during DeathMatch, and for allowing each player character to complete the game successfully in Single and Cooperative modes.

The game also features in-game cutscenes thanks to the camera effects provided by ZDoom, and, for the intro and ending movies, slideshows much like Strife are shown.

Playable characters

The characters are the following:

  • Lorelei Chen:
    • Best weapon: Assault Rifle, Machinegun.
    • Advantages: Has a faster running speed than the average. Her weapons of choice have their accuracy greatly improved, and remain extremely accurate regardless of distance.
    • Disadvantages: She has only 90 hit points and is unable to run once her health has dropped below 20.
  • John "Petro" Pietrovich:
    • Best weapon: Shotgun, Super Shotgun.
    • Advantages: When he fires the Shotgun, there is no vertical spread (like in traditional Doom). Also, the Super Shotgun fires one barrel at a time, greatly improving its fire-rate.
    • Disadvantages: He is not used to the Rocket Launcher, making it take a longer reload time. It also pushes him back.
  • Dimitri Paramo:
    • Best weapon: Rocket Launcher.
    • Advantages: He has 120 hit points, opposed to the usual 100. Also, some weapons have an extra effect when firing, like the Rocket Launcher firing homing rockets.
    • Disadvantages: He is the slowest of all Player characters, and also has a wider radio. This makes it really hard for him to dodge attacks.
  • Thi Barrett:
    • Best weapons: Bayonet.
    • Advantages: Her bayonet deals about five times as much damage as the others. She is also the fastest player character, and has a thinner radio. This makes it easy for her to dodge enemy attacks.
    • Disadvantages: She has only 80 Hit Points.


  • Bayonet: A knife attached to the end of the Assault Rifle for use in melee combat. Damage varies depending on player character.
  • Chainsaw: Classic, rapid-firing melee weapon from Doom.
  • Assault Rifle: The assault rifle is the default weapon the player starts with. Deals damage similar to the pistol, however it's firing speed and accuracy depend on the player character.
  • Shotgun: Traditional Doom weapon. Accuracy depends on player character.
  • Super Shotgun: Secret weapon of episode 1. There are only 2 of these hidden on the entire episode. Firing speed depends on player character.
  • Machinegun: Rapid hitscan weapon. Accuracy depends on player character.
  • Rocket Launcher: Three-barreled version of the normal Rocket Launcher. Reloading speed depends on player character.


Some powerups have been carried over from Doom and modified to suit the atmosphere and gameplay:

Some new powerups have been added to the game. These include:

  • Chaos Field Generator: Causes monsters within a radius of 256 map units to start infighting and mostly ignore the player. Monsters within the area of effect do not become friendly; the player simply becomes their least concern. Lasts for 45 seconds.
  • Vampiric Jar: Causes the Bayonet and Chainsaw to drain life from enemies, recovering the player with half of the damage inflicted. Lasts for 45 seconds. Deatmatch-only powerup.
  • Infrared Scanner: Causes the automap to display all the enemies, and items. A Computer Area Map is required for it to have effect. Lasts for 60 seconds.

Development Team

  • hfc2x: Planning, design direction, mapping, DECORATE coding, ACS scripting, spriting, GFX.
  • Marnetmar: Map quality control, style supervision, mapping.
  • Captain Toenail: Mapping
  • Fernito: Mapping.
  • MisterX: Mapping.
  • Pottus: Mapping.
  • Leo Hendriks: Music composing.

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