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void A_NoBlocking [(bool drop)]

void A_Fall ()


The function does the following:

  • It makes the actor visible if it is stealth.
  • It makes it non-solid.
  • It makes it spawn its dialogue-set and "regular" drop items.
  • It clears the dialogue that is assigned to it.

Note that unlike the dialogue-set drop item, which is cleared from the actor after it is spawned (cleared since the actor no longer has a dialogue assigned to it), the regular drop items are not, which means that these items are spawned each time the function is called. Also, if the actor has both dialogue-set and regular drop items, it only spawns the dialogue-set one for that function call. For all subsequent calls, the regular drop items are spawned, instead.

A_Fall is an alternative name which is Doom's original name for this function. It functions identically to the default A_NoBlocking call with default parameters.


  • drop: Determines whether the actor's DropItem will be spawned. Default is true.


This function is typically used in an actor's death state, as can be seen in this DECORATE code from the Doom 2 ChaingunGuy.

  CPOS H 5
  CPOS I 5 A_Scream
  CPOS J 5 A_NoBlocking
  CPOS N -1

Note: This can be combined with A_Scream using A_ScreamAndUnblock.