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Actor type Monster Game MiniHereticLogoIcon.png
DoomEd Number None Class Name Sorcerer2
Spawn ID 143 Identifier T_DSPARILALONE

Classes: Sorcerer2
After D'Sparil's mount is slain, it appears for a moment that the Serpent Rider is dead, too. But he quickly rises to his feet and begins battle alone. It shouldn't be a surprise that he is a tougher opponent than his pet. The native action A_Srcr2Decide is used to determine whether he teleports before an attack, while A_Srcr2Attack will make him either perform a melee attack, throw a devastating lightning bolt or summon forth two of his Disciples through summoning spells. When he dies, A_Sor2DthInit kills all remaining monsters on the level and sets his deathloop to loop seven times. A_Sor2DthLoop controls this looping behavior; an identical result could have been achieved with SDTH DEFDEFDEFDEFDEFDEFDEF 7.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR Sorcerer2
  Health 3500
  Radius 16
  Height 70
  Mass 300
  Speed 14
  PainChance 32
  SeeSound "dsparil/sight"
  AttackSound "dsparil/attack"
  PainSound "dsparil/pain"
  ActiveSound "dsparil/active"
  Obituary "$OB_DSPARIL2"
  HitObituary "$OB_DSPARIL2HIT"

  action native A_Srcr2Decide();
  action native A_Srcr2Attack();
  action native A_Sor2DthInit();
  action native A_Sor2DthLoop();

    SOR2 MN 10 A_Look
    SOR2 MNOP 4 A_Chase
    SOR2 AB 4
    SOR2 C 4 A_PlaySound("dsparil/rise", CHAN_BODY, 1, FALSE, ATTN_NONE)
    SOR2 DEF 4
    SOR2 G 12 A_PlaySound("dsparil/sight", CHAN_BODY, 1, FALSE, ATTN_NONE)
    Goto See
    SOR2 Q 3
    SOR2 Q 6 A_Pain
    Goto See
    SOR2 R 9 A_Srcr2Decide
    SOR2 S 9 A_FaceTarget
    SOR2 T 20 A_Srcr2Attack
    Goto See
    Goto See
    SDTH A 8 A_Sor2DthInit
    SDTH B 8
    SDTH C 8 A_PlaySound("dsparil/scream", CHAN_BODY, 1, FALSE, ATTN_NONE)
    SDTH DE 7
    SDTH F 7 A_Sor2DthLoop
    SDTH G 6 A_PlaySound("dsparil/explode", CHAN_BODY, 1, FALSE, ATTN_NONE)
    SDTH H 6
    SDTH I 18
    SDTH J 6 A_NoBlocking
    SDTH K 6 A_PlaySound("dsparil/bones", CHAN_BODY, 1, FALSE, ATTN_NONE)
    SDTH LMN 6
    SDTH O -1 A_BossDeath