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Spawn numbers, often referred to as SpawnID or type, are unique identifiers corresponding to a single actor class for use in script functions and action specials such as ThingCount, Thing_Projectile, Thing_Spawn and their derived functions. Acceptable values for an actor are included between 1 and 65535: 0 is used for "nothing". They are defined in DECORATE by the SpawnID property, and it is also possible to define them in MAPINFO, through a spawn number definition block.

Note that new actors need not be assigned a spawn number to spawn them from an ACS script. Nearly every spawn function that takes a SpawnID has an equivalent function that uses the actor's name directly instead.

Spawn numbers should not be confused with DoomEd numbers. An actor may have a SpawnID, or a DoomEd num, or both, or neither.

Each game ZDoom supports uses a separate set of spawn numbers. Each actor with a spawn number has a corresponding defined name in ZDefs.acs, which is indicated in the following lists.

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