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The Top 100

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In December 2003, to celebrate Doom's first decade, Doomworld ran a series of articles among which was a compilation of the "Top 100 WADs of All Time", according to Andrew "Linguica" Stine and Mike "Cyb" Watson. Ten mod per year were chosen to represent the best that Doom modders could do. While the deliberately pompous title implies that "All Time" is limited to the 1994-2003 timespan, the selection of a year's ten best mods by Doomworld's jury continues year after year through the Cacowards.

The articles in this category are mods created for ZDoom that were featured in this selection and currently have an article written for it. WADs created for ZDoom started appearing in 1999, so none of the concerned mods are in the 1994-1998 range.

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