The Darkest Hour

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Thal Vaishet Moon Base
The Darkest Hour
Author Rex Claussen
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Official page on Doom Nexus
Top 10 for 2001 This mod was one of the ten 2001 mods to feature in the Top 100 WADs of All Time on Doomworld!


The Darkest Hour is a 7-level hub set in the Star Wars universe, using enemies, weapons, graphics, sounds, and music from Dark Forces. Play the role of Wrok Onmo, leader of a vicious gang of interstellar mercenaries. Steal the plans for the Imperial Cybernetics Facility from the Thal Vaishet Moon Base. Wreak havoc on the Imperial Space Station Alpha Centauri. Have a "disagreement" with Quatto the Hutt in his fortified palace. Hook up with a rebel spy in Mos Denra who is willing to pay handsomely for your services. Take down the IRF on the remote planet of Nagin Prime.


The hub structure allows the player to move back and forth between maps, and is in keeping with the mission. This requires achieving sub-objectives beyond merely picking up keys.

It is probably the first wad for ZDoom that features domed structures.

Mos Denra Space Port

There are new weapons graphics, but these work just like DooM2 weapons. The weapons have not been modified through DeHackEd (and this mod was created before DECORATE allowed the creation of completely new weapons).

This can be considered a "total conversion", as it replaces enemy/weapon/decoration sprites, textures & flats, TITLEPIC and other graphics, sounds, and music.

A fearsome Trandoshan

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