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int SpawnSpot (str classname, int spottid [, int tid [, int angle]])


SpawnSpot requires an actor (e.g. a MapSpot) at the location where the actor will be spawned. To spawn something using exact coordinates, use Spawn. The spawn may fail if something blocks the spawn location. To force the actor to be spawned regardless of this, use SpawnSpotForced.

If there are multiple spot actors with the same tid, SpawnSpot will try to spawn an actor at each one of them.

Note that this function does not make teleport fog appear when the actor(s) spawn. Since the teleport effect is simply another actor, you can manually do this by spawning a TeleportFog actor at the same time.

  • classname: the actor to spawn. To get a list of the things you can spawn in the game, visit the Classes pages.
  • spottid: the thing ID of the actor to spawn at.
  • tid: the thing ID to give the spawned thing.
  • angle: byte angle.

The return value is the number of things spawned.


This will spawn an imp from Doom at the map spot with tid of 64:

SpawnSpot ("DoomImp", 64);

This will spawn a shotgun at the same mapspot with teleport fog and give it a tid of 200:

SpawnSpot ("Shotgun", 64, 200);
SpawnSpot ("TeleportFog", 64);

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