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The image of a Cacoward

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The Cacowards is an annual article that is written every year at Doomworld. The first one started in 2004 and highlighted the 10 best WADs released in that year. The WADs listed are not in order from best to worst, just "the ten best WADs" to prevent arguments. On top of this, there are single awards for "Best Multiplayer", "Best Gameplay Mod", "Mordeth Award" (longest development time), and "Mapper of the Year". The articles also make honorable mentions, trivia and other mentions through six pages.

The Cacowards were originally written by Stephen "Scuba Steve" Browning, who was succeeded in 2011 by hobbs and from 2012 onwards by the triumvirate of Xaser, St. Alfonzo, and kmxexii. They are a continuation of the "Top 100 WADs of All Time" made to celebrate Doom's first decade.

The following articles are WADs created for ZDoom, GZDoom or Skulltag/Zandronum that did not receive a Cacoward but were mentioned as runners-up or in another "extra category" in the sidebar. For Cacoward winners, see here.