Super Sonic Doom

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Forest Fortress Zone Act 1 features a boss battle against the walls!
Super Sonic Doom
Author Ultimate DooMer
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Super Sonic Doom at Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward Runner-Up This mod was a runner-up for the 11th Annual Cacowards on Doomworld!


Using just about every ZDoom feature you could think of at the time, The Ultimate Doomer brings us a 35 map (split into 15 two act zones, plus five bonus levels) mega wad full of special features, new monsters, sonic themed items, music and level design.

True to Sonic ideals, you can expect to make an odd noise when you jump, crush monitors, collect rings, be propelled into the air using springs, fight boss battles and target based battles at the end of every act, change theme frequently and progress through a giant story line on your way to stop the flames. You have a score totaled up for your kills, and each different monster (ranging from the standard fare to mini-cyberdemons and huge imps) will earn you a different amount. Enemy soldiers will join in the battle against you as you race around large levels and explore the endless possibilities presented by this wad. You either love it or hate it, as they say, but it doesn't matter what you think, its very impressive and the sheer scope of the project is worth checking out at least once.

It does require a specific version of ZDoom to run properly, and this is available on TUD's website, linked below.

The Story

The year is 2105.

You are Julian Grant, top secret agent and second only to Jody Russell ('007') having risen sharply since some heroic performances on the home front during Jody's mission to stop the MISSILE organisation three years ago. Formerly a tough space marine in the Fragport garrison, your call sign is 'DamaGe', as you do lots of it during missions and love it, too.

At the moment, Jody is on assignment somewhere, so you're the best around. And over the past few weeks the SSS has been monitoring the Firestorm Aerospace Corporation (FAC) and their base on a huge island due to suspicious activities (notably the repeated use of a flame-throwing warship on the island) and the belief that they have the capability to open some of those annoying entryways to the demon world.

But for now it's fairly quiet. You check your watch and realise it's nearly time for the agent based in the biggest forest on the island to make a routine transmission from his outpost. You sit back in your chair, tune in to your favourite pirate TV station and wait for the SSS communications centre to relay any important information to you...

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