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Actor type Monster Game MiniDoomLogoIcon.png
DoomEd Number 16 Class Name Cyberdemon
Spawn ID 114 Identifier T_CYBERDEMON

Classes: Cyberdemon

With 4000 health, the Cyberdemon is the strongest enemy in Doom. They can take as many as four BFG shots to kill; with lesser weapons, this can require a lot of strafing around to dodge their rockets. It is recommended also to keep away from walls in their presence, as their rockets often inflict a lot of splash damage. As cyberdemons do not have a Raise state, they cannot be resurrected by archviles.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR Cyberdemon
  Health 4000
  Radius 40
  Height 110
  Mass 1000
  Speed 16
  PainChance 20
  MinMissileChance 160
  SeeSound "cyber/sight"
  PainSound "cyber/pain"
  DeathSound "cyber/death"
  ActiveSound "cyber/active"
  Obituary "$OB_CYBORG"
    CYBR AB 10 A_Look
    CYBR A 3 A_Hoof
    CYBR ABBCC 3 A_Chase
    CYBR D 3 A_Metal
    CYBR D 3 A_Chase
    CYBR E 6 A_FaceTarget
    CYBR F 12 A_CyberAttack
    CYBR E 12 A_FaceTarget
    CYBR F 12 A_CyberAttack
    CYBR E 12 A_FaceTarget
    CYBR F 12 A_CyberAttack
    Goto See
    CYBR G 10 A_Pain
    Goto See
    CYBR H 10
    CYBR I 10 A_Scream
    CYBR JKL 10
    CYBR M 10 A_NoBlocking
    CYBR NO 10
    CYBR P 30
    CYBR P -1 A_BossDeath