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156:Line_SetPortal (targetline, thisline, type, planeanchor)

Note: This special behaves slightly differently with the Hexen map format compared to the UDMF map format. The thisline parameter, noted below, is unnecessary with UDMF because the linedef structure has a dedicated line ID property. This parameter should be set to 0 when using the UDMF format.


Sets a portal upon a line. Once created, a portal can be redefined with Line_SetPortalTarget.

The line should have enough empty space to allow for something to pass through it. The line should also be double sided unless on a polyobject.

This special will not allow to create crossable portals on one-sided lines unless it's a polyobject.


Creates a portal between two linedefs in a similar fashion to stacked sectors.

  • targetline: The tag number of the line that will act as the "exit" of the current portal.
  • thisline: The tag number of the current line. In UDMF, this argument should be 0.
  • type: The type of portal.
    • 0: Visual only. Actors cannot interact with this portal.
    • 1: Visual plus simple teleporter. Triggering this line will cause the actor to be teleported to the "exit" line.
    • 2: Interactive. Has all features of the teleporter type but allows certain other actions to recognize the portal.
    • 3: Static. The portal should work like the linked portals in Eternity Engine, including its same limitations. They cannot be redefined.
    • 4: Eternity-compatibility. This is reserved for XLAT to make this line special compatible with the Eternity definition. Functionally this is identical to type 3, but with different parameter use. A line with a special Line_SetPortal(0, id, 4) will create a portal with another line with a special Line_SetPortal(1, id, 4). For the 'id' parameter the same rules as for the other types apply when being used in UDMF.
  • planeanchor: Determines how the planes at the other side of the portal are relative to this line. Only portals of type 0 and 1 can have an alignment other than 'none'.
    • 0: No alignment. Neither the floor nor ceiling at the other side of the portal will be aligned. The sectors at both sides should have similar z-heights.
    • 1: Align floors. Both sides of the portal will be aligned so the floor heights match.
    • 2: Align ceilings. Both sides of the portal will be aligned so the ceilings match.

Conversions from linedef types

The following Doom map format types can be converted as :

Type Conversion Trigger
MiniEternityLogoIcon.pngEternity 376:Portal_LinkedLineToLine Line_SetPortal (0, tag, 4)
MiniEternityLogoIcon.pngEternity 377:Portal_LinkedLineToLineAnchor Line_SetPortal (1, tag, 4)