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Ghost nitrogolem
Actor type Monster Game MiniHereticLogoIcon.png (Heretic)
DoomEd Number 46 Class Name MummyLeaderGhost

Classes: MummyMummyLeaderMummyLeaderGhost
The strongest variant of golems in the game, they benefit both from the extra protection afforded by the ghostly nature of ghost golems and from the stronger stats and powerful ranged attack of the excellently-named nitrogolems. However, they are still among the weakest monsters of the game, but can be dangerous when present in great number and in open areas where their projectiles have enough room to manoeuver.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR MummyLeaderGhost : MummyLeader
  Species "MummyLeaderGhost"
  RenderStyle Translucent
  Alpha 0.4