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A_OverlayScale (int layer, double wx = 1, double wy = 0, int flags = 0)


Changes the scale of the overlay, affected by the pivot's position.


  • layer - The layer to modify.
  • wx - Sets the X scale.
  • wy - Sets the Y scale.
  • flags - Flags can be combined using '|' (without ' '):
    • WOF_RELATIVE - Takes into account the current rotation of the overlay.
    • WOF_ADD - The input adds instead of replaces the current offset, and implies WOF_INTERPOLATE.
    • WOF_KEEPX - The 'wx' parameter is ignored.
    • WOF_KEEPY - The 'wy' parameter is ignored.
    • WOF_ZEROY - If 'wy' is 0, it copies the 'wx' parameter. This flag disables that behavior.
    • WOF_INTERPOLATE - Enables interpolation for the frame called on. For backwards compatibility however, A_OverlayOffset will override the current interpolation setting if the function is called in the same tic.


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