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08-Jan-2024 (Monday) at 11:53:08 EST by Magnus Norddahl
Commit 96b812e880
Parents: b7e5d3d052

Add support for opening TTC fonts

09-Jan-2024 (Tuesday) at 01:53:13 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit b7e5d3d052
Parents: 8ae93fb87f


09-Jan-2024 (Tuesday) at 01:51:01 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 8ae93fb87f
Parents: 3bd80ab8f6

use map instead of linear search to find texture indices for animation

07-Jan-2024 (Sunday) at 23:58:11 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 3bd80ab8f6
Parents: 7eab519795

Do the same for Visual Thinkers

07-Jan-2024 (Sunday) at 23:30:51 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 7eab519795
Parents: 9dd6460fe6

Implement animated particles that aren't tied to the global animation timer

08-Jan-2024 (Monday) at 11:29:12 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 9dd6460fe6
Parents: 216f477b90

removed libschrift.

08-Jan-2024 (Monday) at 11:26:43 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 216f477b90
Parents: 0f9d3b4a66

make things compile again with the font substitution wrapper.

08-Jan-2024 (Monday) at 11:22:58 EST by Magnus Norddahl
Commit 0f9d3b4a66
Parents: ba274757be

Fix mouse wheel scroll bug

08-Jan-2024 (Monday) at 10:11:30 EST by dpjudas
Commit ba274757be
Parents: ccdbc8450a

Fix the LSB alignment and switch to the internal TTF implementation

08-Jan-2024 (Monday) at 05:14:07 EST by Magnus Norddahl
Commit ccdbc8450a
Parents: edb1e3cb83

Fix contour decoding bug

07-Jan-2024 (Sunday) at 18:49:11 EST by Magnus Norddahl
Commit edb1e3cb83
Parents: e3d3ba2c86

Add composite glyph support

07-Jan-2024 (Sunday) at 05:48:17 EST by Magnus Norddahl
Commit e3d3ba2c86
Parents: cbb89315e7

Sync zwidget upstream changes

07-Jan-2024 (Sunday) at 05:39:17 EST by Magnus Norddahl
Commit cbb89315e7
Parents: 2334a88229

Add internal truetype font class

08-Jan-2024 (Monday) at 08:19:52 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 2334a88229
Parents: ea65768e0b

  • add arm setup cross compiler (requires x64 precompiled version in build/)

07-Jan-2024 (Sunday) at 06:28:21 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit ea65768e0b
Parents: 0e51c5832d

fixed compile errors.

07-Jan-2024 (Sunday) at 04:05:03 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 0e51c5832d
Parents: f13ae3b706

fix compilation

07-Jan-2024 (Sunday) at 02:46:47 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit f13ae3b706
Parents: 35e56d3f42

addressed a few things pointed out by static analysis

  • marking move assignments noexcept
  • using [[fallthrough]] consistently.
  • getting rid of alloca.

06-Jan-2024 (Saturday) at 18:45:40 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 35e56d3f42
Parents: 5895b88799

Minor optimizations to VisualThinker

  • remove duplicated fields
  • make native functions use direct calls
  • remove unnecessary pointer from particle_t
  • create HWSprite directly in Construct

06-Jan-2024 (Saturday) at 02:32:25 EST by Boondorl
Commit 5895b88799
Parents: 83aa9388ca

Fixed bytes being written incorrectly

06-Jan-2024 (Saturday) at 09:24:10 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 83aa9388ca
Parents: df9b2cd9bf

backend update from Raze

  • moving large allocations off the stack
  • use proper printf formatters for size_t and ptrdiff_t.
  • adding some missing 'noexcept'.

05-Jan-2024 (Friday) at 15:08:49 EST by Boondorl
Commit df9b2cd9bf
Parents: a8e350aed8

Added 64-bit networking support

Mainly for use with doubles as ZScript can now take advantage of it. Enforced sizing on ints passed to and read from net functions.

05-Jan-2024 (Friday) at 14:38:33 EST by Boondorl
Commit a8e350aed8
Parents: e3d13af33b

Renamed Networking Functions

New names more appropriately match the size of the value they write to/read from the stream.

05-Jan-2024 (Friday) at 11:41:58 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit e3d13af33b
Parents: ce2a0c9295

use FSoundID for script provided sounds instead of FString.

27-Jan-2023 (Friday) at 22:56:15 EST by inkoalawetrust
Commit ce2a0c9295
Parents: ecdf6f7cb2

Added LightningSound MAPINFO property.

Also added a tempSound parameter to ForceLightning(). Allowing for changing the specific sound that particular thunderbolt makes when it hits.

27-Jan-2023 (Friday) at 18:10:23 EST by inkoalawetrust
Commit ecdf6f7cb2
Parents: 173407bf48

Expose ForceLightning() to ZScript.

This makes it possible to call the function in ZScript without the Light_ForceLightning special.

05-Jan-2024 (Friday) at 11:30:13 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 173407bf48
Parents: 48a99c0ce7

seems more headers were missing.

05-Jan-2024 (Friday) at 11:22:37 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 48a99c0ce7
Parents: a020b8c2f5

add missing header

05-Jan-2024 (Friday) at 10:54:28 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit a020b8c2f5
Parents: 8ad15de138

do not compile the first shader in the shader manager's constructor

This was crashing with the move of the V_Init2 call. Instead do it when we first render something so that we can open the window without immediately making the full backend operational. This was only working on GLES because it performs lazy shader compilation.

04-Jan-2024 (Thursday) at 18:23:17 EST by Magnus Norddahl
Commit 8ad15de138
Parents: ab07343985

Remember last selected item

04-Jan-2024 (Thursday) at 18:12:53 EST by Magnus Norddahl
Commit ab07343985
Parents: c446af41ae

Add path rasterizer

05-Jan-2024 (Friday) at 05:13:05 EST by Professor Hastig
Commit c446af41ae
Parents: 8cec6094d2

fixed TArray::push_back

05-Jan-2024 (Friday) at 01:58:43 EST by Professor Hastig
Commit 8cec6094d2
Parents: 4b3cfc6ab7

open the main game window earlier in the startup procedure.

05-Jan-2024 (Friday) at 01:10:56 EST by Boondorl
Commit 4b3cfc6ab7
Parents: b8b322f4ce

Converted NetworkBuffer to Object

Fixed a memory leak with _buffer in DNetworkBuffer. Added more wrapper functions to ZScript for basic scenarios.

04-Jan-2024 (Thursday) at 16:14:55 EST by Boondorl
Commit b8b322f4ce
Parents: 202d0d747f

Added wrapper functions for adding and reading arrays

04-Jan-2024 (Thursday) at 14:18:28 EST by Boondorl
Commit 202d0d747f
Parents: 9565c94cd2

Added NetworkBuffer

Allows for a command to be built before sending it off. Added wrapper functions for certain data types. Changed command from a number to a Name.

04-Jan-2024 (Thursday) at 03:07:17 EST by Boondorl
Commit 9565c94cd2
Parents: c62ecc44e2

Added SendNetworkCommand

Allows for a custom message to be sent over the network without the need for SendNetworkEvent. This includes all the possible valid types of byte, word, long, float, and string.

04-Jan-2024 (Thursday) at 16:21:27 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit c62ecc44e2
Parents: 9ced091b19

eliminated the small white part of the initial window content after the IWAD picker.

04-Jan-2024 (Thursday) at 15:10:00 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 9ced091b19
Parents: e7ac2fe741

fixed Linux include

04-Jan-2024 (Thursday) at 14:43:54 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit e7ac2fe741
Parents: 19435293af

moved launcher window out of common.

This needs to be different for Raze so it cannot be in shared code.

04-Jan-2024 (Thursday) at 14:15:19 EST by jekyllgrim
Commit 19435293af
Parents: a2a7667442

Add Actor.HasReceived

04-Jan-2024 (Thursday) at 13:25:25 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit a2a7667442
Parents: 15e9c95419

added render backend selection to the new IWAD picker.

Unlike VkDoom we still need this.

04-Jan-2024 (Thursday) at 12:22:24 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 15e9c95419
Parents: d0288264a2

fixed playback of external sound files over cutscenes when started from the console.

04-Jan-2024 (Thursday) at 07:24:32 EST by jekyllgrim
Commit d0288264a2
Parents: 1a860185ee

Add Actor.CanReceive (#2295)

Adds CanReceive() to Actor, called by items from CallTryPickup(). This will let actors themselves determine if they can receive the item before any other checks.

Co-authored-by: Rachael Alexanderson

29-Dec-2023 (Friday) at 14:50:09 EST by Major Cooke
Commit 1a860185ee
Parents: f647545c1d

Exposed viewactive, allowing checks for overlay automaps.

  • Made automapactive UI scoped since checking this on the play side may cause desyncs.

29-Dec-2023 (Friday) at 01:34:03 EST by Major Cooke
Commit f647545c1d
Parents: cf7654bb5a

Disabled player sprites when crossing through portals.

16-Dec-2023 (Saturday) at 01:45:21 EST by Boondorl
Commit cf7654bb5a
Parents: fc6191deb9

Added Z collision detection

16-Dec-2023 (Saturday) at 01:23:32 EST by Boondorl
Commit fc6191deb9
Parents: c1d4fa554e

Added CollidedWith

Guarantees a collision happened unlike CanCollideWith. Called in TryMove so it only calls when an actual movement was attempted and not just a potential positional check.

29-Dec-2023 (Friday) at 07:05:35 EST by svenhoefer
Commit c1d4fa554e
Parents: 0aad33402a

  • iwadinfo.txt: resort Order for a better overview in selection box

29-Dec-2023 (Friday) at 07:05:35 EST by svenhoefer
Commit 0aad33402a
Parents: 800b5ad201

  • iwadinfo.txt: resort Names for a better overview

29-Dec-2023 (Friday) at 06:41:41 EST by svenhoefer
Commit 800b5ad201
Parents: cdea67b0a5

  • iwadinfo.txt: prefer *unity.wads for Unity Editions

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