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29-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 10:56:14 EST by Emile Belanger
Commit c8bd2deb1
Parents: 4d9e60574

GLES: Fix first wipe

29-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 02:51:56 EST by CandiceJoy
Commit 4d9e60574
Parents: 03bab7ace

Added scroll bar for wad picker to Linux.

Min height is set to 150 for GTK3, or none for GTK2.

Signed-off-by: CandiceJoy

28-Jan-2023 (Saturday) at 08:16:57 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 03bab7ace
Parents: ec04a9592

  • extended the 5 remaining fonts to cover all relevant European languages.

27-Jan-2023 (Friday) at 12:25:13 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit ec04a9592
Parents: 70d355cfa

  • validate the buffer size in HWViewpointBuffer::Set2D.

This was causing crashes in Dragon Sector when writing past the buffer's end.

26-Jan-2023 (Thursday) at 08:39:58 EST by CandiceJoy
Commit 70d355cfa
Parents: 10b6d21ba

Fixed a bug where calling an invalid virtual function would cause a crash.

25-Jan-2023 (Wednesday) at 17:43:27 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 10b6d21ba
Parents: ad49d52b1

  • new characters for Hexen's BigFont and all of Strife's fonts.

23-May-2021 (Sunday) at 15:42:14 EDT by Hugo Locurcio
Commit ad49d52b1
Parents: 2d9432188

Add cvars to sprite shadows progressively according to thing <-> floor distance

This also adds the r_actorspriteshadowalpha and r_actorspriteshadowfadeheight cvars for greater control (only effective in hardware renderers). These are set to 0.5 and 0 by default, which means this fading behavior is disabled by default.

When enabled, this has two benefits:

  • It becomes easier for the player to judge an entity's height since the shadow opacity now gives this information.
  • Entities that are far high above the ground no longer cast a shadow, which looked strange.

20-Jan-2023 (Friday) at 17:05:42 EST by Boondorl
Commit 2d9432188
Parents: 4c7e9c619

Added OnEngineInitialize() for static event handlers

24-Jan-2023 (Tuesday) at 17:06:28 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 4c7e9c619
Parents: 1e3920248

Change CheckValue to multi-return, due to unsupported out int/bool

24-Jan-2023 (Tuesday) at 15:23:04 EST by CandiceJoy
Commit 1e3920248
Parents: e97ec4f16

Added check for invalid class on in-VM instantiation

Signed-off-by: CandiceJoy

24-Jan-2023 (Tuesday) at 15:05:56 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit e97ec4f16
Parents: ebd81ddbe

  • Greek characters for Hexen's BigFont

24-Jan-2023 (Tuesday) at 14:58:51 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit ebd81ddbe
Parents: d7e2a82de

  • fixed bad character indices.

24-Jan-2023 (Tuesday) at 13:12:15 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit d7e2a82de
Parents: fe514aa66

  • Greek characters for Heretic's BigFont

24-Jan-2023 (Tuesday) at 12:22:14 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit fe514aa66
Parents: 819128283

  • new characters for Heretic's BigFont.

24-Jan-2023 (Tuesday) at 11:20:40 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 819128283
Parents: d0b519926

  • more characters for Doom's BigUpper font.

24-Jan-2023 (Tuesday) at 11:04:30 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit d0b519926
Parents: 1022fb571

  • Greek characters for Raven's small font.

24-Jan-2023 (Tuesday) at 10:38:52 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 1022fb571
Parents: 66625a4c6

  • renamed a few files.

19-Jan-2023 (Thursday) at 20:31:19 EST by CandiceJoy
Commit 66625a4c6
Parents: faaf938b1

Added GitHub CodeSpaces development environment.

23-Jan-2023 (Monday) at 21:01:26 EST by Emanuele Disco
Commit faaf938b1
Parents: 54d947276

refactor: add some logs to help understand what is happening during soundfont selection.

It helps understand what soundfont is currently used


23-Jan-2023 (Monday) at 17:49:21 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 54d947276
Parents: 68c2a01f8

  • one more new font character.

23-Jan-2023 (Monday) at 11:51:39 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 68c2a01f8
Parents: b47aa3791

  • more new font characters.

22-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 20:06:46 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit b47aa3791
Parents: 33fd8270b

Add missing methods (GetIfExists/CheckValue) to Map pseudo-generics

22-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 14:19:21 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 33fd8270b
Parents: e268a4195

  • text update

21-Jan-2023 (Saturday) at 15:29:45 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit e268a4195
Parents: 2fa88aa5a

  • cleanup of the Chex Quest small font.

This no longer bases its diacritcal characters on Doom's font, it also fills in all characters already present in Doom's small font.

05-Dec-2021 (Sunday) at 18:16:42 EST by Hugo Locurcio
Commit 2fa88aa5a
Parents: a397a93c2

Implement antialiasing for automap lines

This implements a bruteforce approach for 2D line antialiasing. It's not perfect by any means, but it seems to do its job well enough. Since it draws 9 lines instead of 1 line per segment, it's significantly more expensive but should still be usable on modern hardware (except on very complex maps).

Automap line antialiasing is disabled by default and can be enabled with the am_lineantialiasing 1 cvar.

18-Jan-2023 (Wednesday) at 19:05:47 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit a397a93c2
Parents: fed2d11be

Add Missing Read Barriers to Map Get Functions

17-Jan-2023 (Tuesday) at 14:33:41 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit fed2d11be
Parents: 698bd251e

Fix iterator invalidation for Map::Get

17-Jan-2023 (Tuesday) at 14:27:52 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 698bd251e
Parents: decba6822

Mark non-modifying map functions as const

17-Jan-2023 (Tuesday) at 14:14:53 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit decba6822
Parents: 0b9fdf2d9

Map::GetIfExists and Map::CheckValue

20-Jan-2023 (Friday) at 17:23:50 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 0b9fdf2d9
Parents: ed6384edc

  • convert characters to Doom patch format.

19-Jan-2023 (Thursday) at 22:06:38 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit ed6384edc
Parents: d4e943827

Add internal variable support to files outside gzdoom.pk3

19-Jan-2023 (Thursday) at 22:04:12 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit d4e943827
Parents: da0621213

rename CheckWritable to IsWritable, and invert its output since it's always negated

19-Jan-2023 (Thursday) at 22:03:49 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit da0621213
Parents: 5ba1e96d2

Add mDefFileNo to Fields

19-Jan-2023 (Thursday) at 21:58:16 EST by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 5ba1e96d2
Parents: f6128f0e9

Add mDefFileNo to Classes/Structs

20-Jan-2023 (Friday) at 16:09:20 EST by Boondorl
Commit f6128f0e9
Parents: 04fc19c32

Fixed global TerrainDef array not being exported correctly

20-Jan-2023 (Friday) at 15:03:21 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 04fc19c32
Parents: bdd228176

  • 4 non-letter characters for Chex.

20-Jan-2023 (Friday) at 13:43:18 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit bdd228176
Parents: 4c0b5cbb3

  • new characters for Doom's SmallFont and BigFont.

This covers all somewhat relevant languages using the Latin alphabet for these two fonts.

17-Jan-2023 (Tuesday) at 22:59:11 EST by Blue Shadow
Commit 4c0b5cbb3
Parents: 20eb821ac

  • alt HUD: use NewSmallFont for drawing player's coordinates if ui_generic is enabled

17-Jan-2023 (Tuesday) at 02:35:42 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 20eb821ac
Parents: c382fd9f7

  • indicate in the startup window title when GZDoom is compiled for ARM64 Windows

17-Jan-2023 (Tuesday) at 00:55:32 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit c382fd9f7
Parents: 45796505d


16-Jan-2023 (Monday) at 22:32:59 EST by Sally Coolatta
Commit 45796505d
Parents: bf3900251

Fix two different portable names

M_GetConfigPath uses GAMENAMELOWERCASE_portable.ini, but IsPortable() checks for GAMENAME_portable.ini. Doesn't have much of an impact on base GZDoom since it's case-insensitive, but can matter for engine forks -- IMO it should just be consistent either way.

15-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 17:51:48 EST by Hugo Locurcio
Commit bf3900251
Parents: 1c45890c5

Increase slider precision for mouse sensitivity settings

On mice with high DPI settings, low values such as 0.1-0.3 typically need to be used to get a comfortable effective mouse sensitivity.

15-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 17:31:16 EST by Hugo Locurcio
Commit 1c45890c5
Parents: 258f4b678

Use a slider to allow specifying max FPS with more precision

The minimum value was increased from 30 to 35 to reflect the lowest value you can actually use in vid_maxfps. Values lower than 35 are silently clamped to 35.

The maximum value is chosen to cater to the fastest commercially available display as of writing (500 Hz).

Being able to specify maximum FPS with a more precise slider has several benefits:

  • This adds support for monitors with less common refresh rates (138 Hz, 165 Hz, ...).
  • This adds support for monitors with very high refresh rates (240 Hz or more).
  • This allows catering to variable refresh rate setups with a FPS cap chosen to avoid V-Sync input lag, while also avoiding tearing. For example, choosing a FPS cap of 117 on a 120 Hz display will prevent the display from reaching its maximum refresh rate. More information:
  • The value no longer displays a "Unknown" if customized in the console using the vid_maxfps cvar.

15-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 23:58:38 EST by Marisa Heit
Commit 258f4b678
Parents: dd7cb8649

Check all ACS functions for minimum number of arguments. Also fixes SpawnForced not respecting the minimum declared in zspecial.acs. (

15-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 15:29:23 EST by Boondorl
Commit dd7cb8649
Parents: 3ea49a66d

Exported LinePortals

Added helper functions for lines related to portals

15-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 08:01:37 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 3ea49a66d
Parents: 5b7826f68

  • cleaned up the pitch management in the sound backend.

This now treats all pitch methods equally instead of the preferential treatment of Doom's original pitch hack. Most importantly, the sound channel now stores the pitch as a floating point value instead of 9.7 fixed point. snd_pitched now also gets checked in the sound engine, not the low level interface.

15-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 03:21:01 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 5b7826f68
Parents: 34e2e77f9

  • set lightblendmode to 0 when setting up a 2D viewpoint.

2D never uses dynamic lights so this should always be 0 - and eliminates another place in the backend referencing game data.

15-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 02:54:54 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 34e2e77f9
Parents: 156161649

  • tab cleanup in shader code.

15-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 02:34:32 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 156161649
Parents: bafd6be34

  • pass colormap to MakeGoodRemap as parameter.

Removes a Doom dependency and avoids double reading of the COLORMAP lump.

15-Jan-2023 (Sunday) at 02:20:50 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit bafd6be34
Parents: c8b3d95d6

  • removed backend dependencies on game data.

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