LZDoom 3.86a released

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Notice: This will be the last version supporting WinXP for real.
Important: This will be the last version featuring the GL 2 renderer.

Fixes/features since 3.85
  • Add missing DrawTextureTags. DTA_FlipY, DTA_SrcX, DTA_SrcY, DTA_SrcWidth and DTA_SrcHeight.
  • Add fake missing DTA_Desaturate DrawTexture tag.
  • Fixed number of DrawTextureTags didn't match in ZScript.
  • Present the iwad selection box also with only one iwad.
  • Don't show the iwad selection box with -iwad.
  • Fixed crash printing weapon name tags.
  • Fixed crash on maps with out of range sidedef and sector numbers, adapted from PRBoom.
  • Fixed: check for bad sidedefs was not taking into account unused sides.
  • Reload fake fonts, people keep doing it and that made some mods incompatible.
  • Replace the "IJKL" keyboard preset with "OKL;".
  • Fixed jump key in Hexen for the modern keyboard presets.
  • Change default key bindings: add arrow keys to the left-handed preset and set mouse3 to activate items for the modern presets.
  • Restored original colors for player setup icon backdrop.
  • fixed erroneous removal of property flag members. Fixes unknown flag errors.
  • Fixed compatibility flags not working in scripting.
  • Add updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Daniel Lemos.
  • Bump LASTRUNVERSION for defcvars. Missed this.
  • Missed a bit for stat screens (fixes Guncaster Vindicated).
  • Add fake vid_rendermode CVAR.
  • Prevent crash on exit trying to load the unsupported sheet fonts.
  • Blind attempt at fixing wrong mouse position in OpenGLFrameBuffer and OpenGLSWFrameBuffer.
  • A lot of stuff from GZDoom.

GZDoom 4.4.2 released

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Notice: The survey is currently closed. GZDoom 4.4.2 does not include the survey code that 4.2.0 did.
Important: 4.4.x will be the last GZDoom release to feature a 32 bit build. Starting with 4.5.0 there will only be 64 bit versions.

Download (OpenGL 3.3 and higher for hardware rendering, Direct3D 9 or later for software rendering)

4.4.2 is a bugfix release addressing a few issues that were reported for 4.4.1 with two notable new features:
  • add "restart" button to error pane in Windows
  • made the new Build light mode operational

  • fixed: Inventory items that are terminated by GoAwayAndDie must be removed from the blockmap and sector lists.
  • added missing target check to A_RadiusDamageSelf.
  • use a full ClearScreen when drawing fullscreen images.
  • fix crash in nullptr access to DFrameBuffer object 'screen' if it is uninitialized
  • add "restart" button to error pane in Windows
  • add keyboard accelerator shortcuts to many Windows-specific dialogs
  • fixed some issues with setup parts for ZScript in the wrong place.
  • let blastradius work without an effect actor.
  • fixed: AActor::GetModifiedDamage must account for the inventory items to get destroyed in its scripted subfunctions.
  • fixed: FGameTexture's GlowHeight was not initialized.
  • fixed: the attenuation flag wasn't passed to the shader if shadowmaps were disabled.
  • fixed bad range check in shadowmap code.
  • Fixed: check for bad sidedefs was not taking into account sidedef compression.
  • backend update from Raze.
  • fixed: The scale vector for detail maps was not passed to the shader.
  • fixed: The flags for texture colorization were not passed to the backend.
  • fixed: The scissor rectangle must be clipped to the upper left edge of the screen.
  • fix missing terminator in vk_shader.cpp on #ifdef guarded line.
  • made the new Build light mode operational

GZDoom 4.4.1 released

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Notice: The survey is currently closed. GZDoom 4.4.0 does not include the survey code that 4.2.0 did.
Important: 4.4.x will be the last GZDoom release to feature a 32 bit build. Starting with 4.5.0 there will only be 64 bit versions.

Download (OpenGL 3.3 and higher for hardware rendering, Direct3D 9 or later for software rendering)

4.4.1 is a bugfix release addressing a few issues that were reported for 4.4.0

  • added a CCMD that lists all CVARS which don't have a description.
  • mapped "Smooth mouse" back to m_filter CVAR and removed smooth_mouse.
  • Fix compilation on DragonFly BSD
  • fixed code that deternines when to upscale a texture.
  • fixed fallback lookup for multipatch textures referencing themselves as patch.
  • fixed the burn shader.
  • do not allow playing sounds during PlayerFinishLevel.
  • added 3 more texture samplers to the shaders to compensate for the now always occupied slots for brightmap, glow and detail.
  • fixed calculation of allocated memory for garbage collection
  • since we already got lots of CVAR descriptions from the menu's content, let's use that as CVAR description if none is explicitly provided.
  • fixed bad bit operations when calculating the base palette remap.
  • fixed: The mutipatch texture builder did not set the source lump.
  • fixed: When reopening a lump, the full file name must be used.
  • fixed crash with texture upscaling in the truecolor software renderer.
  • Fixed crash rendering 3D floors without ceiling or floor textures in software.
  • Fixed wrong MINDEMOVERSION which was committed in ... 9012890a33
  • Fix Bag of Holding not increasing Firemace ammo capacity
  • fixed compilation of non-x86 targets

GZDoom 4.4.0 released

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Notice: The survey is currently closed. GZDoom 4.4.0 does not include the survey code that 4.2.0 did.
Important: 4.4.x will be the last GZDoom release to feature a 32 bit build. Starting with 4.5.0 there will only be 64 bit versions.

Download (OpenGL 3.3 and higher for hardware rendering, Direct3D 9 or later for software rendering)

coming soon

  • Hotfix: LineTrace now reports the correct number of portal crossings.
  • fixed incomplete disabling of number field menu option
  • tighten rules for action functions called from Decorate
  • fixed: The full dotted lump filter string was never used.
  • fixed (un)morphing of more than one actor from ACS
  • fixed setup of JIT functions that require extra frame space
  • make various getter and pure-math methods clearscope, and where applicable, const
  • fixed offsets for hires replacements of already scaled textures.
  • Fix compilation on NetBSD
  • manually merged PR for kill count in Requiem MAP23.
  • there is no mace ammo in the bag of holding.
  • fixed texture sampler generation in the Vulkan backend.
  • added per pixel lighting for decals.
  • fixed incorrect offsets for textures in the hires/ folder.
  • advanced coordinate control for overlays over DTA_Fullscreen images.
  • fixed: the last frame of the intermission screen wasn't rendered.
  • added support for replacing the intermission backgrounds in Doom 1 with widescreen images.
  • fixed font selection on intermission screen.
  • fixed crash with texture upscaling in the software renderer.
  • Add option to disable SDL joystick support.
  • added a compatibility option for a bad teleporter in the final Strife map.
  • redid mouse control for the conversation menu.
  • fixed some double to float conversion warnings.
  • enabled CVAR descriptions.
  • Strife dynamic light tweaks by ReaperAA.
  • fixed: vertically mirrored textures should not be subjected to empty space optimizations because the algorithm cannot deal with the inverted case.
  • fixed: the 3D floor processing code in the renderer did not restore the render style after finishing.
  • made some changes so that material definitions can properly check automatic layers when determining their material type.
  • Fixed OpenAL regression with looping sounds with playing length 0.
  • Allow dialogs to be displayed on other Unix-like OSs
  • fixed floorclipping checks for 3D floors.
  • Strip out any color escape sequences before setting a window title.
  • reject all 0-special lines for activation.
  • use modulo, not bitwise and-ing to check the damage delay for terrain based damage.
  • fixed: Copying a texture's size must also copy the offset.
  • fixed scale setup for multipatch textures.
  • fixed missing custom shader setup in cases where a shader got used more than once.
  • make sure that incomplete multipatch textures are technically complete.
  • Add a cvar to control weapon bobbing while firing
  • Fixed crash on maps with out of range sidedef and sector numbers, adapted from PRBoom.
  • removed redundant TextureFilterChanged method from DFrameBuffer.
  • texture sampler cleanup.
  • don't let CHANF_AUTO hijack other channels.
  • more descriptive message for server CVAR change attempt in netgame
  • removed entry for non-functional linear tonemap.
  • fixed fullscreen toggle via shortcut
  • fixed space calculations for oversized episode and skill menus.
  • fixed: The size parameters for automap sprites are floats, so they need the matching tag.
  • fixed setup for translated textures in Vulkan.
  • Single image fonts do not use translations.
  • fixed: texture upscaling was disabled by default.
  • fixed shader building.
  • fixed: V_GetFont must load the translations once the game has been set up.
  • fixed: TRF_ALLACTORS did not consider actors without any flag being set.
  • added missing range check to section code.
  • fixed use of Powerup.Strength in PowerInvisibility.
  • fixed bad Heretic light definitions.
  • fixed missing sound for Polyobj_MoveTo.
  • Add mapinfo option to disable merging of identical pickup messages on same tic
  • attenuated lights for Strife.
  • fix "'Dictionary' is freed outside the GC process" warning
  • fixed map things erroneously treated as polyobject anchors/spots
  • restored warning about missing aiming camera target
  • Fixed an issue where multiple invulnerability powerups could cancel each other out from just one expiring.
  • export common formulae to functions instead of copy-pasting them
  • screen bevel now enlarges also when screenblocks <= 11
  • make intermission and status bar scaling game-specific in the config
  • add scaling customization for classic ui flat scaling
  • make screen border flat scale up
  • inter_classic_scaling now defaults to true
  • fixed: last commit I accidentally left hardcoded testing values and did not change them back to check for the texture's original size
  • implement cvar 'inter_classic_scaling' to render the intermission flat as if it were 320x200
  • force player respawn to call up the player's default class settings before determining where to respawn the player
  • Add optional direction parameters for SprayDecal and its A_SprayDecal zscript counterpart
  • Revised Serbian characters Ћ/Ђ
  • fixed: screen resolution changes did not notify the 2D drawer.
  • fixed secondary ammo display in strife status bar
  • Fix bouncing missiles not dealing damage when hitting top/bottom (#1068)
  • Add option to invert mouse x
  • Add an alpha parameter to StatusBar.DrawBar
  • moved benchmark fps output to the custom part of it because it depends on game data.
  • fixed ZScript compiler crash with dereferencing null pointers
  • moved the frame rate drawer out of DFrameBuffer.
  • did a bit of cleanup on DFrameBuffer, most notably taking GetCaps out of it. With the old softpoly renderer and OpenGL 2.x being gone there is no more need for such complex handling, it is now a single function in d_main.cpp.
  • Added MTF_NOCOUNT to spawn flags
  • split voxels.cpp into a backend and a game dependent part.
  • made FModelRenderer game independent - the 3 functions in question may just be global functions instead.
  • changed shadowmap setup so that the AABB tree is owned and controlled by the map, not the renderer.
  • changed the light parameter of ShadowTest to a position vector.
  • cleaned up the dependencies in the model rendering code and separated it into game-independent and game-dependent parts.
  • clean separation of vertex creation from map data and the buffer object.
  • made the portal state global, outside the framebuffer, because it is pure logic state without dependencies on the backend.
  • took the setup functions out of FDynLightData - there is no need to have them as members and they age game dependent.
  • moved RenderView out of the framebuffer classes to complete the consolidation of the renderer's entry points.
  • reworked canvas texture updater to avoid passing game data to the render backends.
  • consolidated the savegame picture code.
  • consolidated the 3 RenderViewpoint variants and took the function out of the framebuffer class.
  • consolidated the 3 virtually identical instances of DrawScene and moved the function to HWDrawInfo.
  • moved the render interface functions out of FGLRenderer into OpenGLFrameBuffer.
  • fixed: hwrenderer materials were nullptr checked but the pointers were not always properly initialized
  • fixed crash when loading saved game that has no music
  • added validation of game skill when changing a level
  • fixed potential crash on intermission cast screen
  • set all texture IDs after finishing the initial texture manager initialization. As it turned out, not all textures have a valid ID at that point so it needs to be redone.
  • block off the Substitute function by making it private to the 3 classes that really need it.
  • let TeleportSpecial universally map to Teleport when checking action special names.
  • apply aspect ratio compensation for all fullscreen images with a height of 200 and 400, and not just to 320x200 and 640x400.
  • fixed incorrect value range for particle's depth value, used for sorting.
  • made 3D floor damage transfers optional by adding a new flag bit (2048) and made that mode automatic for the old ZDoom-based light only transfer special.
  • fixed keybinding reader - before trying to load DEFBINDS the lump index wasn't reset.
  • removed the "no IWAD definitions found" error message because the condition it checks for is not an error.
  • fixed setup of IPK3's where all content is in a subdirectory.
  • fixed texture layer management so that each material layer can decide for itself if it wants to allow upscaling.
  • rewrote the hardware texture precacher to use the new texture management to properly track the data to delete.
  • store the Vulkan descriptor sets in the material - where they belong! Having them in the base texture object was a major maintenance issue.
  • store the material layers in reference counted pointers in the FGameTexture object.
  • major refactor of texture upscaling control. All decisions were done deep inside the texture creation code, leaving zero options to the higher level code for controlling the feature.
  • moved the decision whether to upscale textures up one level in the function chain. Still not the perfect place, this should be decided before creating the texture, not in the middle of the process.
  • disabled the selective texture cleaning in the precacher. The logic here turned out to be a serious blocker and needs to be rethought.
  • allocate the sprite positioning info on demand only.
  • Moved the raw texture handling into the texture manager as well.
  • moved the front layer hack for Hexen's skies to the texture manager.
  • moved the handling for paletted replacements into the texture manager.
  • use FGameTexture instead of FMaterial for texture tracking in the hardware renderer.
  • moved the sprite positioning info out of FMaterial back into FTexture.
  • scale the automap parchment to clean 320x200 dimensions.
  • made 'supportRemap0' an image property so that the handling for this can be taken out of the actual texture class by just providing a replacement texture for the skies.
  • decoupled the software renderer entirely from FTexture - it will only look at FSoftwareTexture now, all access to the texture manager has been wrapped.
  • texture code refactoring to consolidate multiple textures referencing the same backing image.
  • handle brightmaps in the main shader instead of keeping separate instances around.
  • added detail and glow layers from Raze.
  • fixed material setup which could not guarantee that everything was initialized correctly.
  • for warped textures, warp all layers. With this brightmaps finally work on warped textures.
  • fixed detection of standalone IWADs
  • let FSkybox inherit from FImageTexture to simplify the redirection of the base image for the software renderer.
  • fixed text size calculations in the status bar.
  • fixed: Setting 'noallies' on the level cleared the player's friendly flag.
  • Moved TICRATE from Thinker to Object in ZScript so status bars have access to it.
  • fixed conditions with SND_PlayerReserve flag
  • added global variants of the main 2D-draw functions taking an F2DDrawer as their first parameter.
  • separated the Doom specific parts of the ZScript parser from the core into a subclass.
  • separated the Doom specific parts from the compiler backend into a separate file, these parts now get invoked via callback hooks.
  • put the state pointer serializer in a virtual function so that types.cpp can operate without any knowledge of Doom states.
  • split the serializer in two to keep the Doom specific parts out of the main file.
  • split the TObjPtr serializers into a separate file to avoid polluting everything that needs to use the serializer.
  • took InitializeDefaults out of PClass and moved it to PClassActor. Like so many other parts, this created a hard dependency of the low level code on very invasive game content.
  • moved most of the root marking out of the garbage collector, replacing it with callbacks.
  • use translation slot 0 for reserved content, like font translations.
  • major dependency reduction of the texture system.
  • moved some data needed by the texture system into palettecontainer.cpp.
  • split animation management out of the texture manager into a separate class.
  • moved game specific data out of the sound backend. In Raze I already had a user data array for that so this gets used here, too, now.
  • use a TMap to store music volume settings instead of using a homegrown linked list.
  • separated the game-dependent music lookup parts from the core player.
  • reduce backend's dependency on game state by using callbacks.
  • merged FPalette and PaletteContainer.
  • use an array to store the buttons. This puts a lot less knowledge about the game's features into the low level code.
  • made console notification scrolling independent of the global game ticker variable.
  • uncouple console's cursor blinking from the game ticker.
  • c_dispatch header cleanup and splitting of gamestate into a separate header, to avoid polluting low level code with game specific headers.
  • CCMD no longer uses copystring function.
  • ability to dynamically register CCMDs.
  • removed the 'caller' parameter from the CCMD dispatcher. This can never be anything but players[consoleplayer].mo, so there is no need to pass it through the interface.
  • separated the button code from c_dispatch.
  • replaced Travis and AppVeyor with GitHub actions
  • split off the console's command line class into its own file.
  • CVAR cleanup, in particular decoupling from game internals, which now get handled via callbacks.
  • removed a large batch of unused names.
  • File system refactoring to free this code of direct game dependencies.
  • renamed the file system related classes to actually use the term "FileSystem".
  • moved the file name management out of the single resource lumps.
  • moved the linkedTexture pointer up one level out of the resource descriptor into the file system record.
  • renamed fullscreen CVar internally to vid_fullscreen to make searching for it easier.
  • make DumpCPUInfo return a string instead of letting it print the info itself. Also consolidated I_Init, because both existing versions were identical.
  • major code refactoring to improve reusability of low level utility code
  • move SuperFastHash to its own set of files, instead of having this tied to the console.
  • replace swapvalues with std::swap globally.
  • added printf.h header to avoid including more dirty ones for the console printing functions.
  • cleaned up the includes in m_png.h, this file had far too many and far too broad dependencies.
  • moved the dictionary implementation into the 'scripting' folder where it really belongs.
  • copied some fixes for overlong config entries from Raze.
  • renamed basictypes.h to basics.h to keep the file name in line with Raze and make comparisons easier.
  • added some utilities to cmdlib.cpp and changed its license to BSD, because no original Quake code is left here.
  • avoid using plain char pointers to store script data for FraggleScript.
  • use FString to manage strings in bot code.
  • removed use of copystring in Dehacked code and cleaned up the list of includes in cmdlib.cpp
  • Added $OPTVAL_MBFSTRICT to menudef.txt, and added corresponding case 7 to the compatmode cvar in d_main.cpp
  • removed the obsolete Doomsday 1.8-style texture pack support. This poorly integrated into the texture system and wasn't compatible with modern texture packs anymore so its usefulness was questionable.
  • REQUIEM.WAD fixes (#1050)
  • Fixed sprites sunk into water on Carmack with HQ resize modes.
  • Fixed tutti-frutti and crash with liquid warp effects on the Carmack renderer when texture resizing was disabled. (#1063)
  • Fixed: SPECTRAL flag didn't check for DMG_FORCED before aborting DamageMobj.
  • removed detection of unsupported macOS versions
  • fix nullptr crash in reference when is nullptr
  • Don't draw weapon tags when player tries to switch weapons while they're dead
  • add warp2 shader to softpoly2
  • Added Actor.CopyBloodColor to copy another existing actor's blood color.
  • Opaque blood decals must be defined with 'OpaqueBlood' keyword in DECALDEF
  • Colorize opaque decals using the bleeding actor's blood color, if the 'Shaded' keyword is omitted from the DECALDEF.
  • remove assumption in DFrameBuffer::FillBorder that ultrawide screens will stretch an image, since it is no longer the case.
  • Fix compile error when using std::sort with Visual Studio 16.5.0
  • clear the screen before drawing content, not afterward.
  • fixed file existence check in TRNSLATE parser.
  • changed translation management so that the fonts also use translation IDs.
  • allow specifying full palettes in translation definitions.
  • implemented better aspect ratio control for fullscreen images.
  • Print weapon name tag when switching with "slot" command (#1048)
  • Add help messages for most of the deprecated stuff in ZScript.
  • fixed FLineTraceData scripting definition
  • replaced assert() in ZScript fields compilation code
  • added line break to 'No GENMIDI lump' message
  • fixed A_FireCGun.
  • fixed: player_t::GetPSprite cannot guarantee success. As a consequence it must return null in the failure case instead of asserting and all calls to this function must check for the failure case.
  • added autonames for the shareware games
  • default terrain's DamageTimeMask to a reasonable value.
  • Add missing segment clipping clamps for decals, sprites and wall sprites
  • aggregate TMap into Dictionary instead of deriving from it
  • fix Dictionary and DictionaryIterator memory leaks
  • Added Pre(Un)Morph and Post(Un)Morph functions.
  • fixed infinite loop reporting '... before first state' errors
  • fixed: removed startTime from the wrong function internally.
  • add checking in S_StartSound for startTime length
  • Added A_StopSounds(int chanmin, int chanmax).
  • Added A_StopAllSounds.
  • fixed: Windows must call the wide version of _mkdir for Unicode support.
  • prohibit core shaders overriding for OpenGL renderer
  • stop all sounds after exiting level regardless of intermission screen
  • fixed comparison with uninitialized data in MAPINFO parser
  • use GAMENAMELOWERCASE macro for music config defaults
  • added Romanian to the language selection menu.
  • removed CD audio support. Mainly because this is an ancient deprecated feature on the system side that serves no good purpose anymore.
  • fixed wrong name assigned to dummy texture with zero ID
  • force Greek to use the standard font in Heretic and Hexen.
  • fix character substitution for mixed case fonts and text update.
  • Greek letters for Strife's Big and Mini fonts.
  • Greek characters for old console font.
  • reformatted getAlternative for compactness.
  • remap accented Greek uppercase letters to their base variant instead of directly to the Latin/Cyrillic replacement.
  • added the 7 Greek characters to Strife's SmallFont that cannot be done by remapping to existing Latin or Cyrillic letters.
  • SoftPoly only worked with Vulkan support on POSIX platforms (#1036)
  • fix vulkan crash when there are no textures in player's view
  • Fix vk_hdr looking for the wrong colorspace
  • backported a few sound code fixes from Raze.
  • use floats for sprite depth sorting in the hardware renderer.
  • Upgrade glslang to 8.13.3559 (stable release January 6, 2020)
  • Fixed a crash when trying to include a missing mixin.
  • Added source, inflictor and damage flags to AbsorbDamage.
  • transitioned engine to use ZMusic as a DLL.
  • Mixins now perform a deep copy of the AST. (Fixes default blocks in mixins)
  • Fixed colorization not being applicable to bottom wall textures.
  • autoload nerveunity.wad to doom2unity.wad
  • let freelook default to true.
  • Change updaterevision to a CMake script
  • fix for loading VOC files.
  • Remove the 'monoize' option from sound loading. Unnecessary with the AL_SOFT_source_spatialize extension, which has been available for over a year.
  • Remove the fallback for lack of AL_EXT_SOURCE_RADIUS. It's been available in OpenAL Soft for years and the fallback method wasn't very good.
  • fixed usage of floor sound with Plat_DownWaitUpStayLip special
  • fixed code generation for very special if+switch combination in ZScript
  • add Doom2f.wad support
  • add support for xbox 360 versions of Doom/Doom2
  • fixed sprite and particle colors when not affected by dynlights
  • Plutonia 2 Compatibility Fixes (#1026)

LZDoom 3.85 released

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Notice: This will be the last version supporting WinXP.

Fixes/features since 3.84
  • Added native support for 4 XInput controllers for fake splitscreen.
  • Added support for several default control layouts.
  • Minor things here and there too esoteric to mention.
  • A lot of stuff from GZDoom: sound refactor, ZMusic, exit cleanup...

Raze officially revealed!

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It's Duke Nukem 3D's 24th anniversary, so...

(Full disclosure: Most credit goes to Graf for this)

GZDoom 4.3.3 released

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Notice: The survey is currently closed. GZDoom 4.3.3 does not include the survey code that 4.2.0 did.

Download (OpenGL 3.3 and higher for hardware rendering, Direct3D 9 or later for software rendering)

This is a mainly a bugfix release for the softpoly renderer and the customizable invulnerability colormap feature

  • fixed resetting of music volume after closing dialogue
  • exposed Level.MusicVolume to ZScript
  • fixed calling a function on string CVar
  • added ability to filter VM disassembly dump
  • add check for unity version of Nerve.wad
  • infrastructure in place in case Nerve.wad changes again, this can be extended
  • customized invulnerability colormap does not interfere with Powerup.ColorMap
  • precache a few sounds being referenced in common game code.
  • define misc/secret for Hexen, too. By now there are some mods defining secrets for the game so this sound should be present there.
  • Implement special colormap support for softpoly
  • Softpoly: Fix broken fixed camera light for walls
  • make nosave standalone CVar flag, alongside server and user
  • implemented screenshots in softpoly backend

GZDoom 4.3.2 released

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Notice: The survey is currently closed. GZDoom 4.3.2 does not include the survey code that 4.2.0 did.

Download (OpenGL 3.3 and higher)

This is a mainly a bugfix release. There's two notable new features, though:
  • add support for new Bethesda.Net Unity Edition wads

  • fixed Linux and macOS implementations of I_FindAttr()
  • implement player setup background by Enjay
  • fixed uninitialized variable in OPL song. Mono streams could be erroneously treated as stereo, doubling their playback speed
  • compatibility workaround for using Scroll_Texture_Model with a line id of 0.
  • store CVARs non-destructively in savegames.
  • added missing render style constants to ZScript.
  • fixed A_PlaySound() called from Dehacked
  • fixed: The directory scanner for reading a directory into the WAD file system and ScanDirectory were not Unicode capable on Windows.
  • restored old values for CHAN_... constants
  • add support for new Bethesda.Net Unity Edition wads
  • added workaround for GLSL noise functions on macOS
  • added ability to use static SDL2 library
  • fixed invalid context warnings with Cocoa backend
  • removed obsolete softpoly render modes from menu
  • fixed resolving of music aliases with full filenames
  • fixed erroneous override of default language strings

GZDoom 4.3.1 released

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Notice: The survey is currently closed. GZDoom 4.3.1 does not include the survey code that 4.2.0 did.

Download (OpenGL 3.3 and higher)

Downloads for 4.3.0 removed becuase of a critical oversight. Please use 4.3.1!

  • new softpoly backend for the hardware renderer.
  • The software renderer will start again on DX9 compatible hardware that doesn't support OpenGL 3.3.
  • advanced texture colorization options.
  • scripted map postprocessor
  • Dictionary class for ZScript.
  • reinstate 320x200 with the following caveat: it only functions outside of menus and console, and only when the dialogues and logs use the default font, the game will temporarily switch to 640x400 in these situations
  • Add PSPF_PLAYERTRANSLATED flag (makes a PSprite layer translated to the user's color)
  • Support for MIDI on Linux via alsa sequencer

  • vid_scalemode 1 now only goes down to 640x400 at minimum, instead of 320x200
  • added Esperanto menu option.
  • Support for MIDI on Linux via alsa sequencer
  • rewrote the ZMusic interface so that it is free of C++ constructs.
  • the timidity safe_malloc functions may not throw exceptions.
  • added pixel ratio detection to supersampling detection for forcing linear scalingthis should likely make it so if there's ever an instance where a viewport pixel is smaller than a screen pixel, the screen should go to linear scaling now
  • set sane limits for vid_scale_custompixelaspect
  • added the Dehacked extensions from Crispy/Doom Retro.
  • made linear scaling more user controlled
  • do config migration for vid_scale_custompixelaspect
  • allow custom pixel ratio scaling
  • SW renderer: Fix wrong blend tables used when dynamic lights hits translucent lines
  • implement 'defcvars'
  • Fixed a regression in DoTakeInventory. (the C++ code just ignored the null pointer, but ZScript can't do that)
  • Add PSPF_PLAYERTRANSLATED flag (makes a PSprite layer translated to the user's color)
  • Fixed: Invulnerability checking for rails was done before the various THRU actor flags instead of after, meaning actors could block shots regardless of those flags. This was never intended.
  • Added STOPRAILS actor flag.
  • export TMap<FString, FString> to ZScript
  • let a sight check that gets lost return failure.
  • fixed Harmony's end text's name.
  • update window title with current level name
  • removed <CR> symbols to fix zdoom.rc being modified after checkout
  • reinstate 320x200 with the following caveat: it only functions outside of menus and console, and only when the dialogues and logs use the default font, the game will temporarily switch to 640x400 in these situations
  • change IWAD startup dialog to allow selecting between OpenGL, Vulkan, and SoftPoly backends. (windows only)
  • precache switch textures from ANIMATED lump
  • upsample texture if width
  • height is less or equal to gl_texture_hqresize_maxinputsize squared
  • added a few more texture coloring options to the shader.
  • added minimal time profiling of texture precaching
  • improved normalNx scaling performance by ~10%
  • implement vid_scalemode = 6sets absolute minimum scaling to fill entire screenuseful for speeding up software rendering
  • allow more than 8 sound channels per sound source. This requires a new function interface because the old one's combination of channel and flags in one variable cannot be changed anymore.
  • renamed IsActorPlayingSomething to IsActorPlayingSound and made it clearscope.
  • fixed VOC loader. Its 16 bit code did not work because it set the variable to -16 instead of 16.
  • do not expect user input if stdin is redirected
  • removed redundant call to S_StopAllChannels()
  • More compat fixes for Swan Fox maps (#982)
  • add line_horizon on HOM line in Sapphire.wad
  • removed dead menu options
  • Fixed the JIT's OP_VTBL check not checking if it's already at the start of the code.
  • fixed typos in Doom lights definitions
  • fixed wrong display of Hexen AC for SBARINFO
  • added null check to the dialogue lines array so that it doesn't crash if the text is never word wrapped.
  • fixed: AActor::Revive did not restore flags8.
  • fixed monster teleportation on Ancient Aliens MAP23
  • added ability to set custom alternative HUD
  • add cvar 'cl_disableinvertedcolormap'changes the invulnerability… (#972)
  • exported several Wads.GetLump...() methods to ZScript
  • Compatibility fixes for Clavicula Nox
  • cl_blockcheats added to 'nocheat' check
  • changed secret message handling so that the debug output of the sector number is only printed to the console but not the centered message.
  • new zscript function 'SetLineVertexes(line, v1, v2)'
  • added generic level post-processing script class
  • improved handling of return value mismatches
  • set meaningful defaults on initialization of BaseStatusBar
  • add Vulkan to the startup box in Windows
  • fixed missing fullbright for Berserk
  • fixed source lump assignment for multipatch textures
  • mixins.
  • fixed bad variable name for lump filter
  • fixed: IfGame else branch was ignored in MENUDEF
  • fixed: lump filters without any dot in the name did not work.
  • implement ccmd 'togglehud' for taking screenshots

LZDoom 3.84 released

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Fixes/features since 3.83a
  • Fixed taking screenshots in menus with Space when Sys_Rq is set as screenshot key (randi).
  • Bumped ZScript version to be the same as in GZDoom.
  • Fixed stretching for 256 and 240 pixels tall skies in software.
  • Removed and replaced the following LevelCompatibility functions: FlipLine, GetNumMapThings, GetMapThingPos, GetMapThingAngle, SetMapThingAngle.
  • Fixed lighting problems with weapon models.
  • Remove UM skill from the menu now that i've added the real thing with 2xmonsters in RUDE, still works with skill 5.
  • Replaced the useless 160x200 scale preset with widescreen 356x200.
  • Add option to reset controls to defaults.
  • A lot of stuff from GZDoom.