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05-Apr-2020 (Sunday) at 07:42:06 EDT by Lucy Phipps
Commit 2c1a42ae5 (HEAD -> master, refs/pull/1066/head)
Parents: 5490ffcd7

remove gl_texture_usehires since it's unused now GLTEXMNU_ENABLEHIRES in language.csv is unused too

04-Apr-2020 (Saturday) at 06:55:24 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 5490ffcd7
Parents: b2a17dfdc

  • removed the obsolete Doomsday 1.8-style texture pack support.

This poorly integrated into the texture system and wasn't compatible with modern texture packs anymore so its usefulness was questionable.

02-Apr-2020 (Thursday) at 05:35:51 EDT by Erick Tenorio
Commit b2a17dfdc
Parents: 8336e80f4

  • REQUIEM.WAD fixes (#1050)

Fixes for various maps in the Requiem megawad.


01-Apr-2020 (Wednesday) at 08:18:50 EDT by drfrag
Commit 8336e80f4 (refs/pull/1064/head)
Parents: 4bfb0e937

  • Fixed sprites sunk into water on Carmack with HQ resize modes.

31-Mar-2020 (Tuesday) at 19:17:41 EDT by dondiego
Commit 4bfb0e937
Parents: cc0594df2

  • Fixed tutti-frutti and crash with liquid warp effects on the Carmack renderer when texture resizing was disabled. (#1063)

31-Mar-2020 (Tuesday) at 10:25:46 EDT by dondiego
Commit cc0594df2
Parents: cfafe6506

  • Use g_sin for the SoftPoly warp effects as Graf suggested. (#1061)

30-Mar-2020 (Monday) at 15:48:37 EDT by drfrag
Commit cfafe6506
Parents: 09a5771ad

  • OS detection cleanup.

29-Mar-2020 (Sunday) at 11:41:13 EDT by Major Cooke
Commit 09a5771ad
Parents: b4424b2d4

  • Fixed: SPECTRAL flag didn't check for DMG_FORCED before aborting DamageMobj.

29-Mar-2020 (Sunday) at 01:48:58 EDT by Magnus Norddahl
Commit b4424b2d4
Parents: 43eb26257

  • Fix legacy input state getting out of sync when raw mouse input grabs or releases the events
  • Remove the need to center the mouse by specifying RIDEV_INPUTSINK (RIDEV_CAPTUREMOUSE does not take effect unless it is also an input sink)

28-Mar-2020 (Saturday) at 09:38:45 EDT by alexey.lysiuk
Commit 43eb26257
Parents: 51b46f140

  • fixed compilation of Cocoa backend

src/utility/i_time.h:6:15: error: redefinition of 'TimeScale' as different kind of symbol

28-Mar-2020 (Saturday) at 09:38:05 EDT by alexey.lysiuk
Commit 51b46f140
Parents: fabe77283

  • removed detection of unsupported macOS versions

18-Mar-2020 (Wednesday) at 08:58:10 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit fabe77283
Parents: 6049e806d

  • moved high level code out of i_time.cpp.

26-Mar-2020 (Thursday) at 08:48:54 EDT by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 6049e806d
Parents: 7c9d8a0b9

  • amend previous commit: add softpoly fix

26-Mar-2020 (Thursday) at 07:45:27 EDT by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 7c9d8a0b9
Parents: f954df7a0

  • fix nullptr crash in reference when is nullptr

25-Mar-2020 (Wednesday) at 09:15:55 EDT by nashmuhandes
Commit f954df7a0
Parents: ecb3ff097

Don't draw weapon tags when player tries to switch weapons while they're dead

24-Mar-2020 (Tuesday) at 14:05:39 EDT by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit ecb3ff097
Parents: 175b697ba

  • add warp2 shader to softpoly2

24-Mar-2020 (Tuesday) at 12:49:21 EDT by Magnus Norddahl
Commit 175b697ba
Parents: cb6514cc0

Implement warp effect

23-Mar-2020 (Monday) at 13:21:39 EDT by nashmuhandes
Commit cb6514cc0
Parents: 74db8b768

Added Actor.CopyBloodColor to copy another existing actor's blood color.

23-Mar-2020 (Monday) at 05:16:08 EDT by nashmuhandes
Commit 74db8b768
Parents: dd0769de8

Move the opaqueBlood member definition so that object size remains unchanged

16-Mar-2020 (Monday) at 10:31:58 EDT by nashmuhandes
Commit dd0769de8
Parents: 8facd5f3f

Opaque blood decals must be defined with 'OpaqueBlood' keyword in DECALDEF

15-Mar-2020 (Sunday) at 19:00:10 EDT by nashmuhandes
Commit 8facd5f3f
Parents: 5e262c614

Colorize opaque decals using the bleeding actor's blood color, if the 'Shaded' keyword is omitted from the DECALDEF.

22-Mar-2020 (Sunday) at 07:29:22 EDT by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 5e262c614
Parents: 442bead31

-- revert last 2 commits

22-Mar-2020 (Sunday) at 07:23:13 EDT by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 442bead31
Parents: e7bad7218

  • undo the change from last commit for 5:4 monitors - turns out the scale is calculated differently for 1280x1024 and needs the buggy version to work correctly.

22-Mar-2020 (Sunday) at 07:12:08 EDT by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit e7bad7218
Parents: aa0df7479

  • fix status bar scaling: use a fractional that takes full advantage of the precision type, rather than a static numerical constant. (this fixes rendering in very odd resolutions such as 1440x847)

22-Mar-2020 (Sunday) at 06:47:34 EDT by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit aa0df7479
Parents: d19527cf8

  • remove assumption in DFrameBuffer::FillBorder that ultrawide screens will stretch an image, since it is no longer the case.

22-Mar-2020 (Sunday) at 02:42:38 EDT by Magnus Norddahl
Commit 631b66a83 (lightlevelcontrast)
Parents: d18e89ea7

Add gl_model_light_contrast cvar and only apply the directional light contrast for models

18-Mar-2020 (Wednesday) at 17:34:05 EDT by Magnus Norddahl
Commit d18e89ea7
Parents: 5552b513f

Fix wrong directional light direction

18-Mar-2020 (Wednesday) at 16:12:04 EDT by Magnus Norddahl

Merge branch 'master' into lightlevelcontrast

18-Mar-2020 (Wednesday) at 16:11:44 EDT by Magnus Norddahl
Commit d19527cf8
Parents: d32e0b91c

Fix compile error when using std::sort with Visual Studio 16.5.0

18-Mar-2020 (Wednesday) at 01:22:57 EDT by Magnus Norddahl
Commit a84905e28
Parents: d32e0b91c

Add directional light to enhance contrast in models

17-Mar-2020 (Tuesday) at 03:50:00 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit d32e0b91c
Parents: 15d4fb8fc

  • clear the screen before drawing content, not afterward.

The intermission screens got it wrong and drew the black border over the image.

17-Mar-2020 (Tuesday) at 02:57:59 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 15d4fb8fc
Parents: 828cba13a

  • fixed file existence check in TRNSLATE parser.

16-Mar-2020 (Monday) at 12:23:30 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 828cba13a
Parents: b7970ed76

  • changed translation management so that the fonts also use translation IDs.

16-Mar-2020 (Monday) at 04:21:37 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit b7970ed76
Parents: a50a5101b

  • block StaticPointerSubstitution for non-player objects.

The only safe use of this function is to swap out PlayerPawns for morphing or respawning.

15-Mar-2020 (Sunday) at 10:56:35 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit a50a5101b
Parents: 16ae7e312

  • fixed another typo.

15-Mar-2020 (Sunday) at 07:19:22 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 16ae7e312
Parents: 0c04cddd2

  • fixed typo.

15-Mar-2020 (Sunday) at 05:22:42 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 0c04cddd2
Parents: 27b828488

  • allow specifying full palettes in translation definitions.

15-Mar-2020 (Sunday) at 05:02:19 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 27b828488
Parents: db5efddf1

  • forgot to remove the test settings for the fullscreen feature.

15-Mar-2020 (Sunday) at 04:27:02 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit db5efddf1
Parents: 2edbbac75

  • implemented better aspect ratio control for fullscreen images.

Due to backwards compatibility needs and for flexibility this needs to be controlled by a gameinfo setting (fullscreenautoaspect):

0: Treat all images as having an aspect ratio of 4:3, this is the default for compatibility reasons 1: Scale all images to fit the screen, i.e. either pillarbox or letterbox them. 2: Scale all images to fill the screen. 3: Scale all images so that the center 4:3 area is always fully visible. This is the recommended mode for 16:9 images designed to be shown with the sides being cropped on narrower displays.

A new DTA_ tag - DTA_FullscreenEx also exists which allows specifying the scale mode directly

14-Mar-2020 (Saturday) at 08:17:04 EDT by Nash Muhandes
Commit 2edbbac75
Parents: 7a141f3aa

Print weapon name tag when switching with "slot" command (#1048)

10-Mar-2020 (Tuesday) at 04:31:21 EDT by nashmuhandes
Commit 7a141f3aa
Parents: f46e80e2b

Add help messages for most of the deprecated stuff in ZScript.

14-Mar-2020 (Saturday) at 06:47:03 EDT by alexey.lysiuk
Commit f46e80e2b
Parents: b9d4ce052

  • fixed FLineTraceData scripting definition

14-Mar-2020 (Saturday) at 06:33:36 EDT by alexey.lysiuk
Commit b9d4ce052
Parents: 13e6ea779

  • replaced assert() in ZScript fields compilation code

Field pointer can be null if error occurred while compiling its definition

13-Mar-2020 (Friday) at 07:33:11 EDT by alexey.lysiuk
Commit 13e6ea779
Parents: 4201c4fbb

  • added line break to 'No GENMIDI lump' message

'ST_Init: Init startup screen.' is no longer concatenated with the given line

11-Mar-2020 (Wednesday) at 14:47:23 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 4201c4fbb
Parents: a638cfbd6

  • fixed A_FireCGun.

10-Mar-2020 (Tuesday) at 19:56:29 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit a638cfbd6
Parents: 2acdf5cfa

  • fixed: player_t::GetPSprite cannot guarantee success

As a consequence it must return null in the failure case instead of asserting and all calls to this function must check for the failure case.

10-Mar-2020 (Tuesday) at 19:38:26 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 2acdf5cfa
Parents: 8613e4789

  • added autonames for the shareware games

They still need to access some internal filters, despite blocking loading addons.

10-Mar-2020 (Tuesday) at 19:31:19 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 8613e4789
Parents: 920b322d7

  • default terrain's DamageTimeMask to a reasonable value.

Use 31, which is the default for damaging floor specials instead of 0.

10-Mar-2020 (Tuesday) at 21:18:43 EDT by Magnus Norddahl
Commit 920b322d7
Parents: 9daec9dc4

Add missing segment clipping clamps for decals, sprites and wall sprites

10-Mar-2020 (Tuesday) at 19:31:19 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit ab091c42c (dta_fullscreen)
Parents: c2193f165

  • default terrain's DamageTimeMask to a reasonable value.

Use 31, which is the default for damaging floor specials instead of 0.

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