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13-Jul-2024 (Saturday) at 07:17:03 EDT by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit b74473b08f (isometric_test)
Parents: 9d78eb5aa0 e9f3d39c93

Merge commit 'refs/pull/2618/head' of into isometric_test

12-Jul-2024 (Friday) at 13:50:18 EDT by Magnus Norddahl
Commit 9d78eb5aa0 (HEAD -> master)
Parents: 0caa036a96

Fix directory crash for filenames that appear elsewhere in the path

11-Jul-2024 (Thursday) at 22:07:57 EDT by Dileep V. Reddy
Commit e9f3d39c93
Parents: e647b61633

Have correct sprite angle-frame face the camera with orthographic projection enabled.

09-Jul-2024 (Tuesday) at 10:51:31 EDT by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 0caa036a96
Parents: 7ddd4ec245

fix compilation

07-Jul-2024 (Sunday) at 09:54:49 EDT by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 7ddd4ec245
Parents: 10d0f94972

handle freeze in decoupled animations

07-Jul-2024 (Sunday) at 14:08:30 EDT by Dileep V. Reddy
Commit e647b61633
Parents: bbe5114939

retrigger checks

07-Jul-2024 (Sunday) at 13:43:53 EDT by Dileep V. Reddy
Commit bbe5114939
Parents: 957587a14e

Defining MY_SQRT2 in r_utility.cpp also to keep visual studio happy.

07-Jul-2024 (Sunday) at 13:34:43 EDT by Dileep V. Reddy
Commit 957587a14e
Parents: 6502cbd19e

Defining MY_SQRT2 in hw_sprites.cpp to keep visual studio happy (it couldn't find M_SQRT2 definition).

07-Jul-2024 (Sunday) at 13:23:27 EDT by Dileep V. Reddy
Commit 6502cbd19e
Parents: a14c347924

Including math.h in hw_sprites.cpp to keep visual studio happy (it couldn't find M_SQRT2 definition).

26-May-2024 (Sunday) at 17:21:58 EDT by Boondorl
Commit 10d0f94972
Parents: a82e3b9dfe

Misc network fixes

Fixed missing teleport specials when predicting. Added rubberband limit; if too far away from the predicted position, will instead instantly snap the player's view to their new spot. Deprecated cl_noprediction; this was pointless as you'd never not want to predict your position/angles. Fixed angle targets not being backed up. Fixed oldbuttons not being set. Updated menu

30-Jun-2024 (Sunday) at 16:39:00 EDT by Dileep V. Reddy
Commit a14c347924
Parents: 68b4ed3155

SpectatorCamera vertical shift.

25-Jun-2024 (Tuesday) at 15:51:48 EDT by MrRaveYard
Commit a82e3b9dfe
Parents: ddbf90389b

Add missing GC write barrier

26-Jun-2024 (Wednesday) at 07:30:41 EDT by Dileep V. Reddy
Commit 68b4ed3155
Parents: 1244b26d22

Dithered transparency for non-corpse monsters only (and missiles).

24-Jun-2024 (Monday) at 22:21:31 EDT by Dileep V. Reddy
Commit 1244b26d22
Parents: 6e7ae739e2

Dithered transparency condition tweaks.

10-Jun-2024 (Monday) at 23:28:19 EDT by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit ddbf90389b
Parents: 35f66c5cc2

add total chaos retro and full maps to compatibility.txt

10-Jun-2024 (Monday) at 15:54:38 EDT by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 35f66c5cc2
Parents: 02305f02b9

add COMPATF2_NOACSARGCHECK to disable ACS function argument count checks

15-Mar-2024 (Friday) at 04:41:25 EDT by dpjudas
Commit 02305f02b9
Parents: 3e91d38582

Turn on the output limiter

24-Jun-2024 (Monday) at 16:18:30 EDT by Dileep V. Reddy
Commit 6e7ae739e2
Parents: 29a2ca0b13

Feature-complete isometric mode fork.

23-Jun-2024 (Sunday) at 19:18:05 EDT by Major Cooke
Commit 3e91d38582
Parents: 5fc3d44ba5

Fixed Pre(Un)Morph being called out of order.

  • This had broken several mods that relied on the inventory being in place before the switch, which was the intended way to begin with.

23-Jun-2024 (Sunday) at 10:44:13 EDT by Major Cooke
Commit 5fc3d44ba5
Parents: c56d70f2b1

Added SPF_ROLLCENTER for particles and visual thinkers.

23-Jun-2024 (Sunday) at 10:05:45 EDT by Major Cooke
Commit c56d70f2b1
Parents: 2e4bf697b8

Added SPF_(NO)FACECAMERA flagst for specifying camera facing on particles and visual thinkers.

  • This also adds ensures facing camera is applied to these via the option menu.

16-Jun-2024 (Sunday) at 13:19:58 EDT by nashmuhandes
Commit 2e4bf697b8
Parents: 13b9ffd6c8

Add X, Y and Z offsets for VOXELDEF. Needed for voxelized weapons which would typically be very large and take up the majority of the 256x256x256 canvas, therefore making precise positioning of the models relative to the screen pretty much impossible without tweakable offsets.

15-Jun-2024 (Saturday) at 06:14:10 EDT by nashmuhandes
Commit 13b9ffd6c8
Parents: c693e3b073

Rename SourceRadius to SoftShadowRadius (to match VKDoom)

05-Jun-2024 (Wednesday) at 18:43:25 EDT by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit c693e3b073
Parents: 461c2f77b7

Fix A_SetAnimation

01-Jun-2024 (Saturday) at 10:24:12 EDT by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 461c2f77b7
Parents: 20cf8befbf

restrict new relaxed named arguments to zscript >= 4.13

31-May-2024 (Friday) at 02:07:31 EDT by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 20cf8befbf
Parents: 87463ef36b

Rework named arguments

Now allows arguments to be in any arbitrary position, and allows required arguments to be named

31-May-2024 (Friday) at 02:02:50 EDT by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 87463ef36b
Parents: c707b418ef

Fix memory leak on TDeletingArray move assignment

06-May-2024 (Monday) at 15:41:18 EDT by Acts 19 quiz
Commit c707b418ef
Parents: ae28eeae94

Narrow the Launcher check box clickable areas to stop overlap and fix #2558

14-May-2024 (Tuesday) at 09:26:12 EDT by nashmuhandes
Commit ae28eeae94
Parents: ab20b75c14

Scriptified the view squatting.

25-May-2024 (Saturday) at 22:41:30 EDT by Boondorl
Commit ab20b75c14
Parents: 53270f0bc8

Added missing player retranslation

Play-scoped team changing function.

23-May-2024 (Thursday) at 12:16:34 EDT by Boondorl
Commit 53270f0bc8
Parents: 3d6e508d67

Added ChangeTeam function for teamplay

Also removes the TeamLibrary global since all it did was call what should've been static functions.

29-Apr-2024 (Monday) at 07:43:14 EDT by Boondorl
Commit 3d6e508d67
Parents: 4c191f4bf5

Network messages will now show usernames instead of just numbers

Gives more useful feedback as it's not obvious which node belongs to who.

Added line breaks to network messages for cases where a large amount of players are desynced.

17-May-2024 (Friday) at 20:03:44 EDT by Boondorl
Commit 4c191f4bf5
Parents: d02f79d4be

Inventory item spawn fixes

Default player items and shared items are no longer capable of being duplicated regardless of item flags. Shared items now give a true copy of the item. Fixed incorrect effects playing from item copies. Dropped items can no longer be shared.

12-May-2024 (Sunday) at 18:32:36 EDT by Boondorl
Commit d02f79d4be
Parents: 3bc54d3757

Added subclassing for use commands

Allows for finding subclasses when using the item commands that search the inventory. Can be either true/false or 0/1.

06-May-2024 (Monday) at 19:08:41 EDT by Kartinea
Commit 3bc54d3757
Parents: cf8a04c457

Fix invisibility affect on enemies

When performing the ShadowBlock check, we previously would return a nullptr actor if nothing was between the monster and the player. This resulted in the monster aiming as if you didn't have invisibility.

Fall back to returning the target actor if it is shadowed but nothing is in between the two.

21-May-2024 (Tuesday) at 03:09:21 EDT by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit cf8a04c457
Parents: ffbbe0a4c6

  • simplify squishing to square pixels for particles and rollsprites

20-May-2024 (Monday) at 15:08:13 EDT by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit ffbbe0a4c6
Parents: 1dedcee739

partial fix for FString::IsInt()

18-May-2024 (Saturday) at 04:24:00 EDT by Jan Engelhardt
Commit 1dedcee739
Parents: 6d8bee9316

Provide a diagnostic message for the two 32-bit related static_asserts

10-Apr-2023 (Monday) at 23:18:41 EDT by Xaser Acheron
Commit 6d8bee9316
Parents: da4752d7ec

don't show secret-flagged linedefs with special color on am_cheat 4 and above

10-May-2024 (Friday) at 15:33:56 EDT by Boondorl
Commit da4752d7ec
Parents: 9129f0121b

Fixed unmorphed Actors still ticking

21-Apr-2024 (Sunday) at 11:31:12 EDT by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 9129f0121b
Parents: 1006d20c13

Fix MacOS Compilation

21-Apr-2024 (Sunday) at 11:25:14 EDT by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 1006d20c13
Parents: c3ac4c9c38

fix CheckParmList

seems like it was checking the second char for '+' instead of the first

21-Apr-2024 (Sunday) at 11:20:36 EDT by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit c3ac4c9c38
Parents: 75c9b584ee

Handle Extra Args

21-Apr-2024 (Sunday) at 09:50:27 EDT by Ricardo Luís Vaz Silva
Commit 75c9b584ee
Parents: 35f5e0498e

Revert "- hide the additional parameters for now, this needs to be added in later"

This reverts commit fde6c863d171ab5b071d45dd47cb03861937d376.

03-May-2024 (Friday) at 14:45:25 EDT by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 35f5e0498e
Parents: 7ef6fa97a7

  • fix always show iwad box - don't show if queryiwad is false, or if -iwad parameter is used

03-May-2024 (Friday) at 14:32:20 EDT by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 7ef6fa97a7
Parents: bcad040fd3

  • make roll and flat sprites square

03-May-2024 (Friday) at 09:45:20 EDT by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit bcad040fd3
Parents: 4bf2fb0ef8

  • always show iwad picker, offer option for forks to hide picker by default. this commit was intentionally done in a way to cause merge conflicts so as to force fork maintainers to pay attention to the new option in version.h

03-May-2024 (Friday) at 02:03:58 EDT by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 4bf2fb0ef8
Parents: a6e1114d3c

  • make particles square

01-May-2024 (Wednesday) at 16:46:07 EDT by Xaser Acheron
Commit a6e1114d3c
Parents: 370bec6c55

add mbf21 and mbf21 (strict) compatibility presets

01-May-2024 (Wednesday) at 11:57:11 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 370bec6c55
Parents: 3a5838c8f5

fixed GL nodes loader for maps loaded from mounted folders.

Due to how the reader is created, READER_NEW will not work for it, it needs to force READER_CACHED.

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