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ZDoom is a source port for the modern era, supporting current hardware and operating systems and sporting a vast array of user options. Make Doom your own again!

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In addition to Doom, ZDoom supports Heretic, Hexen, Strife, Chex Quest, and fan-created games like Harmony and Hacx. Meet the entire idTech 1 family!

Limitless Mod Potential

Experience mind-bending user-created mods, made possible by ZDoom's advanced mapping features and the new ZScript language. Or make a mod of your own!

Latest News

GZDoom 3.2.3 Released

Posted by on at 05:14
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This is an additional point release to address some issues with the 3.2.2 point release and add even more features. Due to the way this release was handled, the change log will include 3.2.2's changes as well.

Notable features since 3.2.1:
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GZDoom 3.2.2 Released

Posted by on at 18:11
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Notable features:
  • new timer code, GZDoom now appears a lot smoother in interpolated frames
  • more bugfixes, including some for non-Windows platforms
  • improve speed for ARMv7 processors by setting tuning options to the Cortex-a7 CPU (for Raspberry Pi 2)
  • Several ZScript extensions and fixes
  • Improved OpenGL profile selection on Linux
  • Rather than giving version info, GZDoom now displays the name of the game you are currently playing in the window title. This can be disabled via i_friendlywindowtitle

More complete changelog:
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