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virtual int SpecialMissileHit(Actor victim)


Called by projectiles when they hit another actor. Overriding it allows creating custom collision behavior for projectiles.


  • Actor victim
The actor that the projectile is colliding with. This can be literally actor, including the ones that the projectile wouldn't collide with normally. The shooter of the projectile is not excluded from this, so it's important to check if (victim != target) if the overridden behavior shouldn't apply to the shooter.

Return values

Note: the MHIT* constants were added in GZDoom 4.12. Prior to that, numbers had to be used directly.

  • -1
MHIT_DEFAULT (New from 4.12)
(Default) The projectile utilizes its standard collision behavior and does whatever it would normally do based on its own and the victim's flags and properties.
  • 0
MHIT_DESTROY (New from 4.12)
The projectile is destroyed but doesn't deal damage, enter its Death state or perform any other special behavior.
  • 1
MHIT_PASS (New from 4.12)
The projectile passes through the actor without interacting with it. NOTE: this should not be confused with RIPPER. The RIPPER flag adds special ripping behavior that only activates if this function returns -1 (the default value) and will be completely bypassed if this function returns 1


This version of the PlasmaBall doesn't deal any damage but instead pushes enemies it hits away and upwards:

class BowlingBall : PlasmaBall
	array<Actor> victims;

	override int SpecialMissileHit(Actor victim)
		// Check that victim is a valid victim, not the same actor
		// as the shooter, is shootable and isn't yet present
		// in the victims array:
		if (victim && (!target || victim != target) && victim.bSHOOTABLE && !victim.bDONTTHRUST && victims.Find(victim) == victims.Size())
			// Push horizontally away from self:
			victim.vel.xy = self.Vec2To(victim).Unit() * 15;
			// Push vertically:
			victim.vel.z += 8;
			// Add to array:
		return 1;