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Menus: Main menu → Options menu
The sound options menu in Chex Quest 3.

The sound options menu gives an interface to consult and modify several sound and music playback settings. Its MENUDEF name is SoundOptions and it can be summoned with the menu_sound console command.

  • Sound volume (0—1, by 0.05 increments)
Allows to change the volume at which in-game sound effects are played. 0 is mute, 1 is full volume.
  • Menu volume (0—1, by 0.05 increments)
Allows to change the volume at which menu-mode sound effects are played. 0 is mute, 1 is full volume.
  • Music volume (0—1, by 0.05 increments)
Allows to change the volume at which the music is played. 0 is mute, 1 is full volume.
  • MIDI device
ZDoom allows you to choose which MIDI device to use for MUS and MIDI playback. In addition to any device provided by the OS, the following choices are available:
After having changed the MIDI device, use the Restart sound command (see below) for the change to take effect.
  • Underwater reverb (On/Off)
ZDoom applies a reverb effect while the player avatar in under water. This can be turned off with this option.
  • Randomize pitches (On/Off)
Enables or disables the sound pitch randomization that Doom used to have until DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngv1.4.
  • Sound channels (8—256, by 8 increments)
Selects how many sounds can be played at once. The maximum in vanilla Doom was 8, but ZDoom allows for a lot more. If the value is too low, audio glitches may happen when several sounds are played simultaneously as the older channels are freed before the sound finished playing.

  • Sound in Background (On/Off)
Controls whether or not to let the sound and music to continue playing in the background if the program's window loses focus.

  • Restart sound
Calls a console command to reset the sound system. Some options do not take effect immediately when changed and need this to be applied.
  • OpenAL options
Opens the OpenAL options menu.

  • Advanced options
Opens a submenu allowing to fine-tune the sound configuration settings.
  • Module replayer options
Opens a submenu allowing to configure the module replayer.