Module replayer options

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Menus: Main menu → Options menu → Sound options
The module replayer menu in Heretic.

The module replayer options menu allows to change settings related to playback of tracker modules. Its MENUDEF name is ModReplayerOptions and it can be summoned with the menu_modreplayer console command.

  • Sample rate (Default/4000 Hz/8000 Hz/11025 Hz/22050 Hz/32000 Hz/44100 Hz/48000 Hz)
Determines the sample rate at which the module replayer will work. Default uses the same rate as the rest of the sound system.
  • Interpolation (None/Linear/Cubic)
Chooses how module samples are interpolated. Note that the Chip-o-matic filter can selectively disable interpolation.
  • Volume ramping (None/Logarithmic/Linear/XM=lin, else none/XM=lin, else log)
Defines which mode is used for volume ramping.

  • Chip-o-matic (On/Off)
Chip-o-matic disables sound interpolation on small sound samples and replace it by aliasing. Enabling it allows a more faithful rendition of MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngchiptunes. Three additional console variables determine how the chip-o-matic filter determines whether a sample should be aliased or interpolated: mod_autochip_size_force, mod_autochip_size_scan and mod_autochip_scan_threshold.