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Menus: Main menu → Options menu
The HUD options menu in Blasphemer.

The HUD options menu regroups all options related to the in-game HUD and interface, except the automap which has its own menu. Its MENUDEF name is HUDOptions.

  • Alternative HUD
Opens the alternate HUD submenu.
  • Message Options
Opens the message options submenu.

  • Default Crosshair
Chooses which crosshair to use, if any. The available options are not declared in MENUDEF but built from the XHAIRS lump.
  • Force default crosshair (On/Off)
Prevents the A_SetCrosshair codepointer from affecting the HUD.
  • Grow crosshair when picking up items (On/Off)
If on, the crosshair visually grows a little when items are picked up, provided that the items in question have a pickup message assigned and the QUIET flag cleared.
  • Crosshair color
Chooses the color of the crosshair. This is ignored if "Crosshair shows health" is on.
  • Crosshair shows health (On/Off)
The color of the crosshair depends on the player avatar's current health. Full health is green, above normal is blue, and below full health is yellow, orange or red depending on the severity of the situation.
  • Scale crosshair (0—2.0, by 0.05 increments)
If set to any value above zero, the crosshair is scaled according to the resolution so as to occupy always the same proportion of screen space.

  • Display nametags (None/Items/Weapons/Both)
Chooses whether the names given to inventory items, weapons, or both with their Tag property is briefly displayed on the screen when they are cycled through with the respective "prev" and "next" functions.
  • Nametag color (Print colors)
Chooses which color is used for the name tags. This is only available if display nametags is on.
  • Stretch status bar (On/Off)
If on, the status bar is scaled according to the resolution so as to occupy always the same proportion of screen space.
  • Stretch Fullscreen HUD (On/Off)
Controls scaling of the fullscreen HUD. At resolutions of 640×400 or above, setting this on will cause the icons to be scaled to approximately the same size they would be at 320×200. If off, the icons will always be drawn without any scaling.
  • Use old ouch mug shot formula (On/Off)
Setting this to on restores the mugshot's DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngouch face bug.