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ZDoom supports a special XHAIRS lump that can be used to add custom crosshairs to the choices under "Crosshair" in the Display Options menu.

The lump is a very simple text lump which takes the format:

crosshair number <crosshair description>

Crosshair number is the number that corresponds to the number in the lump name of the crosshair graphic. For example, the crosshair that uses the lump names XHAIRS1 and XHAIRB1 would have crosshair number 1
Crosshair description is the text that you want to appear in the crosshair menu.

Here is an example XHAIRS lump:

1 "Cross 1"
2 "Cross 2"
3 "X"
4 "Circle"
5 "Angle"
6 "Triangle"
7 "Dot"
8 "Broken Cross"
9 "Tri-point"
10 "Broken X"
11 "Cup"
12 "Broken Triangle"
13 "Circle Cross"
14 "Square and Dot"
15 "Fading Cross"
16 "Big Circle"
17 "Open Bar"
18 "Big Circle Cross"
19 "Circle Line"
20 "Big Circle Cross X"

For information on how to create your own crosshairs, see Custom crosshairs.