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Menus: Main menu → Options menu → HUD options
The message options menu in Plutonia.

The message options menu regroups all options related to in-game messages. Its MENUDEF name is MessageOptions.

  • Show messages (On/Off)
Determines whether messages are shown at all.
  • Show obituaries (On/Off)
Determines whether obituaries are shown and logged. This also affects audio obituaries such as those of the Bloodbath announcer.
  • Scale text in high res (Off/On/Double/Quadruple)
If on, the font of the messages will be scaled appropriately to the resolution chosen in set video mode. To prevent the characters from being made illegible, only integer scaling are used, so the ZDoom computes the highest clean factor usable in the current mode. (The clean console command can be used to know what this factor is.) "Double" and "Quadruple" apply, as the names suggest, double and quadruple scaling, regardless of resolution.
  • Minimum message level (Item pickup/Obituaries/Critical messages)
This allows to fine-tune which messages are shown or not rather than turning them on or off entirely. The message hierarchy offers seven levels, though only the first two can be filtered out with this option. The priority levels are "item pickups" (least important), "obituaries", "critical messages" (caused by locked doors, for example), "chat message" from other players, and "team messages", scripted messages created by Print, and those created by PrintBold (most important).
  • Developer message mode (Off/Errors/Warnings/Notifications/Everything)
Logs various debugging information to the console depending on the severity level chosen.
  • Center messages (On/Off)
Chooses whether to center messages or not. If off, the messages are aligned to the left. This defaults to "on" in Heretic and Hexen, and "off" in all other games.

Message colors

The colors used to display messages can be changed with the next options:

  • Item pickup (Print colors)
Chooses which color is used for item pickup messages.
  • Obituaries (Print colors)
Chooses which color is used for obituaries.
  • Critical messages (Print colors)
Chooses which color is used for critical messages.
  • Chat messages (Print colors)
Chooses which color is used for chat messages.
  • Team messages (Print colors)
Chooses which color is used for team chat messages.
  • Centered messages (Print colors)
Chooses which color is used for scripted Print (but not PrintBold) messages.

  • Screenshot messages (Off/On)
If on, a message is printed on the screen right after taking a screenshot. If off, there is no feedback at all that a screenshot was successfully taken; this can be preferable notably when trying to capture a scene by taking screenshots repeatedly and not wanting to see the previous screenshot's message on the image.
  • Detailed save messages (On/Off)
If on, the messages displayed to indicate a game was successfuly saved will include the full path to the save file.