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virtual clearscope int GetMaxHealth(bool withupgrades = false) const


Retrieves the spawn health of the calling actor. For regular actors, this behaves exactly like the SpawnHealth function.

PlayerPawn actors override it to add special behaviors if withupgrades is true.


  • bool withupgrades
If true and the calling actor is a PlayerPawn, the values of bonushealth and stamina fields are added on top of MaxHealth.
If the calling actor is not a PlayerPawn, this is ignored.

Return value

  • int - The health the actor spawns with, as an integer.


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ZScript definition


	virtual clearscope int GetMaxHealth(bool withupgrades = false) const	// this only exists to make checks for player health easier so they can avoid the type check and just call this method.
		return SpawnHealth();

PlayerPawn's version:

	override int GetMaxHealth(bool withupgrades) const
		int ret = MaxHealth > 0? MaxHealth : ((Level.compatflags & COMPATF_DEHHEALTH)? 100 : deh.MaxHealth);
		if (withupgrades) ret += stamina + BonusHealth;
		return ret;

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