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ZDoom supports several font formats:

  • Unicode font: a series of PNG images placed in a subfolder under the /fonts/ folder. Typically each image represents are Unicode glyph, and the name of each image must match its Unicode index. This is the most flexible method of defining fonts, and it's recommended ot use it when creating custom fonts due to its flexibility.
  • BMF, or Byte Map Font
  • Composite font: up to 256 separate image lumps, one for each character described in the font.
  • FON1, or console fonts: a paletted image in the form of a column containing 256 characters, index 0 is transparent.
  • FON2, or big fonts: a paletted image in which each character is surrounded by a box made of pixels of the last palette index.
  • Hardware font: a simple raw dump where each line is one-byte long, one bit per pixel. Used only for ANSI screens, not available in-game.

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