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A FON1 font, or console font, contains a set of 256 grayscaled, monospaced characters. It begins with a header of this form:

Offset Length Name Content
0x0000 4*1 Identifier The characters 'F', 'O', 'N', and '1'.
0x0004 2 Width Unsigned value for character width.
0x0006 2 Height Unsigned value for character height.
0x0008 * Data RLE-compressed data for all characters in sequence.

The data create a Width × (Height × 256) grayscale image in which the glyphs are in sequence from top to bottom. The darkest color, 0x00, is transparent.

ZDoom provides a FON1 font in a file named confont.lmp in zdoom.pk3. This is used for the console font.