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Warning: Since GZDoom 3.0, FMOD Ex is no longer available. The following information apply only to old versions and are only kept for historical purposes.

ZDoom used to use the FMOD Ex sound system, which features its own software synthesizer for MIDI playback and its own module replayer for tracker module playback.

The MIDI synthesizer uses DLS sound fonts, defaulting the one that are part of the operating system (for example, gm.dls on Windows systems). The sound font used by the FMOD synthesizer can be changed through the snd_midipatchset console variable.

The module replayer supports all modules supported by FMOD Ex. This includes notably IT, MOD, S3M and XM.

Advantages and drawbacks

  • Not available with the OpenAL backend.


  • The FMOD midi device is included in FMOD Ex and does not need to be set up or configured specifically, it will generally work "out of the box".
  • The DLS format is not widely used in gaming communities, so this synthesizer cannot make use of some of the sound fonts most adapted to the games that ZDoom support.


  • Format support is less exhaustive than with Foo_DUMB.