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These CVARs used to exist in the engine, but have been removed. They no longer have any effect.

Input settings

Default: false
Setting this to true will smooth mouse input if your framerate exceeds your mouse's sampling rate. The only mice that really need this are serial mice, since those are typically sampled only 40 times each second. Utilities exist to increase the sampling rate of PS/2 mice under Windows 9x, and USB mice are always sampled considerably more frequently. In most cases, if you want smooth mouse movements, you should first check smooth_mouse instead.
  • mouse_sensitivity (float)
Default: 1.0
The larger this cvar, the more sensitive the game is to all mouse movements. This is combined with m_forward, m_pitch, m_side, or m_yaw as appropriate.

General audio settings

Default: ""
This is the drive letter of the CD drive that the CD commands will affect. If you only have one CD drive, you can leave it blank. Doing so will cause the game to use the default CD drive.
Since drive letters only exist in Windows file systems, this variable is ignored on Unix and Mac OS systems.
Default: true
Set this to false if you don't want CD audio support.

FMOD settings

This variable only affected the FMOD MIDI synthesizer, which is no longer included.

Default: ""
Defines the path to the DLS soundfont used by the MIDI synthesizer. If left empty, FMOD will use its own default value. (On Windows systems, it looks for gm.dls which is located in Windows\System32\drivers.)

TiMidity++ settings

This variable pointed to the name of the external TiMidity++ executable, however TiMidity++ is now an internal part of the engine.

Default: "timidity.exe" (on Windows systems) or "timidity" (on Unix and Mac OS X)
Defines the path to the executable.