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DrawSelectedInventory [flags, ..., ] <font>, <x>, <y> [, <counterx>, <countery> [, <translation> [, <fontspacing>]]]
Draws the selected inventory item at the specified location with the specified font for the amount. See DrawInventoryBar for the optional arguments. The default for counterx is x+30 and y+24 for countery. Flags are:

Executes a sub block if the player is holding no inventory items.
Displays a 'Heretic/Hexen-style artifact flash when an item is used.
Displays and fades INVCURS when an item is used.
Displays the counter even if the the player is only holding 1 of the item.
drawshadow[(<xOffset>, <yOffset>)]
Same as the drawshadow flag for DrawNumber. Affects the counter.
Sets the alignment of the inventory icon to its center.
Sets the alignment of the inventory icon to the center of its bottom.

If alternateonempty is specified, the semicolon must be removed and everything in the sub block will be executed.