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DrawInventoryBar <style> [, flags, ... ], <size>, <font>, <x>, <y> [, <counterx>, <countery> [, <translation> [, <fontspacing>]]]

Draws an inventory bar at x, y, with size item places. The font is used for the amounts. Flags are:

Draw the bar even if no items are present.
Will not draw artifact boxes.
Will not draw the arrows telling the user there are more items to the left and/or right of the viewable items.
Will show the amount even if the player is holding 1 of the said item.
Draws the entire inventory bar with translucency.
Draws the inventory bar vertically.
drawshadow[(<xOffset>, <yOffset>)]
Same as the drawshadow flag for DrawNumber. Affects the counter.

Style can be any of the following:

Standard inventory bar.
Same as Doom but SELECTBO is drawn 29 pixels lower.
Same as Doom but SELECTBO is drawn 1 pixel higher.
Shifts the icon 2 pixels to the left, moves SELECTBO 1 pixel up and to the left, and changes the alignment of the arrows.
SELECTBO is changed to INVCURS. INVCURS is drawn behind the icons. Each item is given 35 pixel spacing instead of 31 pixels. In addition INVCURS is drawn at (x-6, y-2).

The final optional arguments deal with the font. Counterx and countery is where the numbers should start drawing. If these are not specified, the default is x+26 for counterx and y+22 for countery. See DrawNumber for information on translation and fontspacing.