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  2. In fact, it's not just useless, it will cause problems.
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Custom bridge
Actor type Bridge Game MiniZDoomLogoIcon.png (ZDoom)
DoomEd Number 9991 Class Name CustomBridge

Classes: CustomBridge

CustomBridge can be used to create either a Doom-style or Hexen-style invisible bridge, and can also further customize the appearance and behavior of the rotating "bridge balls" when used as a Hexen-style bridge.

When placed in a map, the bridge's arguments control its appearance and behavior, as follows:

  • Arg 1: Bridge radius, in mapunits
  • Arg 2: Bridge height, in mapunits
  • Arg 3: Number of bridge balls to display.
  • Arg 4: Rotation speed and direction of bridge balls. 0 uses Hexen's default. Values from 1-128 rotate counterclockwise, while values from 129-255 go clockwise. For example:
  • 0: Hexen default
  • 11: 15° / second
  • 21: 30° / second
  • 32: 45° / second
  • 64: 90° / second
  • 128: 180° / second
  • 192: -90° / second
  • 223: -45° / second
  • 233: -30° / second
  • 244: -15° / second
  • Arg 5: Rotation radius of bridge balls, in bridge radius %. 0 is Hexen-default (15 units regardless of bridge radius)

Note: When inheriting from this actor in Decorate, you can redefine the Spawn state to change the way the bridge behaves as a Doom-format bridge (Arg 3 set to 0), or the See state to alter the way it behaves as a Hexen bridge. This can be used, for example, to change which actors are spawned instead of the bridge balls.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR CustomBridge native
  Radius 32
  Height 2
  RenderStyle None

  action native A_BridgeInit(class<Actor> balltype = "BridgeBall");

    TLGL ABCDE 3 Bright 
    TLGL A 2
    TLGL A 2 A_BridgeInit
    TLGL A -1
    TLGL A 2
    TLGL A 300