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void A_RadiusDamageSelf [(int damage [, double distance [, int flags [, class<Actor> flashtype]]])]


Performs an explosive (radius) attack, much like A_Explode, that damages the calling actor's target only, which normally for projectiles, is their shooter.

While this function can be used by any actor, its usage should generally be restricted to projectiles only.


  • damage: how much damage is inflicted at the center of the explosion. Default is 128.
  • distance: the area covered by the damage (damage inflicted drops linearly with distance). Default is 128.
  • flags: customizes the behavior of the function:
    • RDSF_BFGDAMAGE — use the BFG9000 tracers' formula for damage. This works by picking and adding a random value from 1 to 8 a number of times which equals to the calculated damage over distance.
Default is 0.


class OddRocket : Rocket
        MISL B 8 Bright A_RadiusDamageSelf(72, 192.0, RDSF_BFGDAMAGE, "BFGExtra");
        MISL C 6 Bright;
        MISL D 4 Bright;