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A_Quake (float intensity, int duration, int damrad, int tremrad [, sound sfx])

Note: for a more advanced and flexible version of spawning quakes with different behaviors, see A_QuakeEx.
Note: as of 4.11.0, the intensity parameter is a decimal value instead of an integer.

Creates an earthquake around the calling actor.

  • intensity: Strength of earthquake, ranging from 0 to 9
  • duration: Duration in tics
  • damrad: Radius of damage in map units
  • tremrad: Radius of tremor in map units
  • sound: Accompanying sound effect for the tremor. (Default: "world/quake".)

Contrarily to the Radius_Quake action special, the radii for damage and tremor are given directly in map units, not in "tiles" of 64x64 map units. This must be kept in mind when updating an actor definition from Radius_Quake to A_Quake.


This large rocket causes an earthquake for about one third of a second upon exploding. The quake is felt within 800 units of the impact, but at a higher intensity within 400 units.

actor BigRocket : Rocket
  Scale 2.0
  Radius 22
  Height 16
  Speed 25
        MISL B 0 A_Quake(4,12,0,400)
        MISL B 0 A_Quake(2,12,0,800)
        MISL B 8 bright A_Explode(250,200,1)
        goto Super::Death+1

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