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void Radius_Quake2 (int tid, fixed intensity, int duration, int damrad, int tremrad, str sound)

Note: As of (development version aed72f5 only) the intensity parameter is a decimal value instead of an integer.
  • tid: Thing ID of map thing(s) for quake foci (if 0, the activator is used as the sole focus)
  • intensity: Strength of earthquake, ranging from 0 to 9
  • duration: Duration in tics
  • damrad: Radius of damage in map units
  • tremrad: Radius of tremor in map units
  • sound: the sound effect to play to accompany the tremor


Creates an earthquake at the specified foci (map spots).

Contrarily to the Radius_Quake action special, the radii for damage and tremor are given directly in map units, not in "tiles" of 64x64 map units. This must be kept in mind when updating a script from Radius_Quake to Radius_Quake2. Another difference with Radius_Quake is that the tid is the first parameter, rather than the last.


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