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(no parameters)

Makes the calling actor subject to normal gravity so it will fall down when in mid-air.


    SILE H 0 A_SetFloat
    SILE H 0 A_NoGravity
    SILE H 0 A_ChangeFlag ("NODAMAGE", 1)
    SILE HHH 1 A_SpawnItemEx ("flythrust")
    SILE H 30 A_ChangeFlag ("NODAMAGE", 0)
    SILE A 10 
    SILE P 0 A_Jump (80, "Missile2J")
    SILE P 0 A_Jump (90, "MissileKJ")
    SILE P 0 A_Jump (85, "MissileKiJ")
    SILE L 1 BRIGHT A_FaceTarget
    SILE LMN 3 BRIGHT A_FaceTarget
    SILE O 10 BRIGHT A_FaceTarget
    SILE P 0 A_PlaySound ("ki/shot")
    SILE O 2 BRIGHT A_SpawnProjectile ("kiblast", 35, 0)
    SILE N 8 BRIGHT A_PlaySound ("ka/charge", 0, 150.0)
    SILE N 0 BRIGHT A_PlaySound ("kI/shot", 0, 150.0)
    SILE O 10 BRIGHT A_SpawnProjectile ("KiblastBig", 35, 0)
    Goto Land
    SILE H 0 A_UnsetFloat
    SILE H 25 A_Gravity
    Goto see

This is the jump decorate code to the monster SaiyinVileGoku from Zero Invasion. The code starts out with taking out gravity with A_NoGravity, then, the monster gets a thrust upward causing the monster to appear to jump. When the monster is floating with no gravity, he needs to come back to the ground therefore; utilizing A_Gravity.

This whole decorate function will make this monster appear to jump, fly, and come back down using A_Gravity and A_NoGravity, just like a Saiyin in the Dragon Ball Z series.

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