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I'm BioHazard... (crowd: Hi BioHazard...) I'm not into mapping as much as I used to be, my real calling is coding. I love coding, I can code for weeks upon end striving to create the application that will make people sit up and exclaim in happiness "I love this program! I want to send Bio $5!". Unfortuneately, I haven't made a dime off my apps yet. Oh well, maybe some day...

Thingies ive done:

ZDoom Community Map Project
I did the part that I labeled and I did the credits camera thing (I love cameras!)

Knee Deep in ZDoom
I did the first part of Z1M9, and I'm going to do the credits. I also am doing a lot of testing and I wrote the BugTracker

It's true, I don't like running ZDoom from the command line! And all the other launchers out there were either sucky or refused to work. So one day I decided to write a ZDoom frontend the way I would want it, and it turns out that other people like it too!

Well, I'm still working on it but I hope it will prove useful to some people. What it does is it converts old-style TEXTUREX+Patches textures to TX_-compatible single textures. The idea came from me wanting to compress all of doom's textures using PNG, but I wanted them all in TX_ first and I'm too lazy to go through the infinite tedium that is TX_ing them all