The Ultimate Torment and Torture

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A screenshot of Ultimate Torment & Torture
The Ultimate Torment & Torture (TUTNT)
Author Tormentor667
Port GZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Download from Realm667
Cacoward Winner This mod received one of the 14th Annual Cacowards on Doomworld!


The Ultimate Torment & Torture is a WAD created by Tormentor667 which is a collection of his previous wads (TNT 1 to 4) but revamped for a more enjoyable experience. It enhances former levels in the series as well as finishes off the storyline. TUTNT requires GZDoom.


  • All 4 classic episodes revamped.
  • All new episode 4 "Havoc" feat. 3 totally new maps.
  • 3 new weapons feat. flame weapons & the minigun.
  • 3 unique classes (scout, marine, commando).
  • 8 player coop compatibility (incl. checkpoint system).
  • Voice acting for ingame messages and intermission texts.
  • Intermap sequences for every map.
  • Weapons special effects (sparks, casings).
  • New monsters (from the beastiary as well as totally new ones).
  • Powered by GZDoom (24bit graphics, 3d floors).
  • Realistic gore (blood squirts & exploding bodies).
  • Mission objectives & unique goals for each map.
  • Dynamic lights.
  • Environment special effects (e.g. sparks, comets, steam).
  • Countless new surprises, secrets and easter eggs.


TUTNT was received very well by fans, especially by fans of the original collection of the WAD. The polished maps fixed the issues people had with the originals (mainly gameplay complaints) and the enhanced levels were much appreciated. Many say that the WAD was even better than the long awaited Knee-Deep in ZDoom. The WAD has received little complaints other than a few nags about the unnecessary player classes and Duke Nukem-like Voice comments.

System Requirements

Since the levels in the WAD are quite large and elaborate, and makes extensive use of stacked sectors and other effects, it requires a fairly powerful system to run. Recommendations can be found on the homepage.

Note: ZDoom can run the mod, but certain areas will be missing bridges or platforms needed to progress, and the end credit sequence crashes ZDoom. GZDoom has a software renderer, and it does reduce the system requirements pretty dramatically, so it's best to try that first.

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