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Note: This feature is for ZScript only.

The WeaponSlots struct contains functions that interact with weapon slots.


All WeaponSlots methods are defined as native, meaning their inner workings are handled on the C++ side of the engine.


  • static void SetupWeaponSlots(PlayerPawn pp)
Sets up weapon slots for the specified PlayerPawn. PlayerPawn actors call this function on themselves in their PostBeginPlay.


These methods have to be called on a pointer to a WeaponSlots instance. One is always created for each player and stored in the weapons field of their PlayerInfo struct. As such, these methods require the player.weapons. prefix to be called.

  • bool, int, int LocateWeapon(class<Weapon> weap)
Checks whether the specified weapon class is assigned to a slot. Has 3 return values:
1. bool — true if the weapon is assigned to a slot
2. int — the number of the slot the weapon is assigned to (from 0 to 9, but 0 is actually the 10th slot in order)
3. int — the index of the weapon (i.e. its position in the slot, starting with 0).
  • class<Weapon> GetWeapon(int slot, int index)
Returns the class of a weapon in the specified slot and index.
  • int SlotSize(int slot)
Returns the number of weapons assigned to the specified slot.