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SectorPortals contain information about all the portals that currently exist within a map, including skyboxes. They can be accessed through the global level variable via level.SectorPortals[index]. The first one, 0, is used for the default skybox. The second one, 1, is used for displaying the regular sky when used with the SkyPicker. Sectors store their portal indices via their Portals variable (the first is the floor and the second is the ceiling).


  • int mType - The type of sector portal being used. Can be one of the following:
    • SectorPortal.TYPE_SKYVIEWPOINT - Used for standard skyboxes.
    • SectorPortal.TYPE_STACKEDSECTORTHING - Sector portals were linked via a portal thing.
    • SectorPortal.TYPE_PORTAL - Standard sector portal.
    • SectorPortal.TYPE_LINKEDPORTAL - Interactive sector portal.
    • SectorPortal.TYPE_PLANE - Skybox renders plane infinitely at a fixed distance from the camera.
    • SectorPortal.TYPE_HORIZON - Skybox renders plane infinitely at the plane's height.
  • int mFlags - The flags for the sector portal.
    • SectorPortal.FLAG_SKYFLATONLY - This portal only appears on surfaces with the sky texture.
    • SectorPortal.FLAG_INSKYBOX - Used to avoid recursion while rendering skyboxes.
  • uint mPartner - The index of the portal in level.SectorPortals that the portal is linked to. Only used with stacked skyboxes.
  • int mPlane - Whether this is the ceiling or floor of the sector.
  • Sector mOrigin - The sector this portal resides in.
  • Sector mDestination - The sector this portal goes to.
  • Vector2 mDisplacement - The xy coordinate shift that is applied to any Actors when moving through the portal.
  • double mPlaneZ - The absolute z coordinate where the portal resides.
  • Actor mSkybox - The skybox viewer this portal is linked to, if any.

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