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void SoundSequence (str sndseq);


Plays a sound sequence defined in SNDSEQ lump.


First off, you have to make sure you have got a sequence set up in the SNDSEQ lump, for example:

       volume 127
       playuntildone world/heart
       volume 64
       playuntildone world/heart

Just a simple sequence that plays a loop of a beating heart — first time at full volume and the second time at half volume.

To have this play in your level, you need to call it in a script. A very, very simple and easy to use script.

Script 1 (void)
    SoundSequence ("Heartbeat");

The script can be executed by having a linedef with special 80 (ACS_Execute) and the script number as argument; the linedef itself be set to “Player Crosses Line”.

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