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SLADE ("SlayeR's Leet-Ass Doom Editor") is an all-purpose editing tool with support for ZDoom editing, developed by SlayeR (now known as sirjuddington). It is in active development, with version 3.1.0 currently available.

Version 3 is a fusion of SLADE and SLumpEd. The level editor has been implemented since 3.1.0, and it has been widely extended while both SLumpEd and XWE suffer from bugs and limitations.


SLADE3 offers a range of features for ZDoom modding:

Editor keys

Like Doom Builder, SLADE features a DECORATE parser used to obtain relevant information (such as editor number, Radius, Height, Scale, and so on) from custom actors. Additional information can be conveyed with keys in the form of special comments inserted within an actor's declaration block.

See Editor keys for a centralized full list.

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