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Author C30N9
Port GZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link [Download from Filefront]


RAP01 Start Area

Redoom is a simple and small 5-level wad inspired by Knee-Deep in ZDoom, it is about a remake of 4 levels (with 1 secret level) of Doom 2 adding new rooms, for single player only, each level is the first one of every episode:

  • RAP01: Remake of MAP01, it is totally new level with the same theme of MAP01.
  • RAP02: Remake of MAP07, it has a lava theme.
  • RAP03: Remake of MAP12, a mix between MAP06 and MAP12.
  • RAP04: Remake of MAP21.
  • RAP05: Secret level, not a remake.


  • Skulltag's monster Belphegor is in this wad.
  • A new difficulty called: Redoom Special (Respawn is removed of the difficulty because it would be impossible to finish the wad, especially RAP02, the player would face infinite wave).
  • 5 levels with a secret.